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AdWords Bidding 101

Why, hello there! Welcome to AdWords Bidding 101. As your professor, I will be giving you a crash course on the three basic AdWords bidding strategies and which to choose to reach your wildest digital marketing hopes and dreams. Why is this important? Any PR program can be supplemented with digital advertising – examples include…

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How to Get Your Campaign Noticed Without Shouting Above the Rest

As we’re nearing the end of the first quarter, companies are out in full force, spending their shiny new 2016 marketing budgets on lead gen campaigns; ad campaigns, email marketing, you name it – they’re doing it. The problem? For many industries, this means the big dogs in the arena are shouting the loudest and…

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A Newbie’s Guide to Writing AdWords Ads

Google’s AdWords platform is becoming more and more popular with clients each day, whether it’s for digital advertising or syndicating media hits. The platform is relatively easy to use; the tricky part lies in writing ads that set you up for success. I first started using the platform just over a year ago. So today,…

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