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Superb Owl: Getting Creative with Marketing Budgets

Time for THE BIG GAME (yes, you know the one) It’s that time of year again – The Big Game hits airwaves on Sunday. Want to get your brand in on the action? Pony up, or sit down. Oh, and don’t bother even mentioning the game by name – that’ll cost you as well. As…

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How to Get Your Campaign Noticed Without Shouting Above the Rest

As we’re nearing the end of the first quarter, companies are out in full force, spending their shiny new 2016 marketing budgets on lead gen campaigns; ad campaigns, email marketing, you name it – they’re doing it. The problem? For many industries, this means the big dogs in the arena are shouting the loudest and…

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Why People Don’t Hate Snapchat Ads

The early verdict is in: people don’t mind Snapchat ads. In fact, they actually kind of like them. And brands? They like ’em quite a bit too. After launching advertising options in October 2014, Snapchat partnered with Millward Brown Digital to provide analysis around the first six ad campaigns featured on the platform. The analysis looked…

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Can you automate PR?

Notable journalist Tom Foremski recently asked whether PR can be automated, especially given the advances in automation in the advertising world. In it, he states: The PR industry is heading for a serious showdown with ad agencies gunning for PR budgets. Ad agencies have algorithmic buying and selling of ads, there is already a large…

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