So You’re A Social Media Guru, Right?

A celeb gave you a shoutout on Twitter. Your Instagram pictures hit triple-digit likes. Your Snapchat game is on point, not to mention your Facebook Live skills. Sound familiar?

We see quite a few people promote themselves as a ‘social media guru’ or ‘social media master’ across their – wait for it – social media profiles, but do they really fit the bill? Where do you stack up?

Back in 2014 we published the ‘Social Media Guru’ quiz so you could test your smarts on everything social media. Needless to say – a lot has changed since then! Give the latest quiz a spin and see how your social media chops stack up to the competition.



Don’t forget to share your results! Happy quizzing!

Tori Sabourin
Senior Marketing Analyst

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Posted on June 6, 2017 in Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media

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