SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 Content 2018

Top Blog Posts Of 2018 Q2

As the year comes to a close, we like to analyze the SHIFT archives to learn what content performed best. It’s important to take see what worked and what didn’t work to plan for the new year to come. Want to see how to analyze your own blog? Here’s how.

The best of Q2 2018 focused on crisis communications, Moz tools for SEO and artificial intelligence.

Lesson From Facebook: 5 Tips On Handling Crisis Communications

This year will be remembered for many things. One is the Cambridge Analytics and Facebook scandal. This is one great example of how public relations specialists, publicists and marketers can learn from a crisis and perform great communications. Learn just a few tips for tackling any type of crisis in your business.

MozRank vs. MozTrust: What’s The Difference & What Does It Mean For SEO?

Moz offers a plethora of tools that allows us to access various metrics to help us better optimize our content marketing strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to all websites. MozRank and MozTrust metrics are two tools that can help you better understand your website SEO. Use those tools to continue to monitor, improve and optimize your website.

The Impact That Artificial Intelligence Will Have On Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere we look nowadays. We can use it to turn on our lights, tell us the weather and even to do better marketing. AI continues to expand across the marketing industry to help target the right audience, create customer personalization and to determine a better pricing strategy. Here are three ways to get you started on your journey to implement machine learning into your own digital marketing strategy.

Jordyn Danielson
Marketing Strategist


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Posted on December 14, 2018 in Artificial Intelligence, Crisis Communications, Facebook, SEO

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