Now is the Time to Revisit SEO Strategy

Though consumer behavior has changed drastically as a result of COVID-19, the desire to remain informed holds steady — making search a more important channel than ever before. SEO strategy may indeed help brands forge ahead.

As the COVID-19 pandemic heightened, organic search spiked as people looked for timely news on the virus and how it impacted their daily lives, as well as for new products they needed (personal or business) or new ways of getting goods they’d regularly purchased.

These behavioral shifts — and the accompanying pivots to many business models — have made it a near-requirement for marketers to review their SEO strategy. What worked before may no longer be effective. 

While we can’t possibly predict what a post-COVID world will look like, it’s safe to assume that organic search will continue to grow as a non-intrusive, convenient option for consumers and a massive opportunity for brands to serve their needs. SEO remains a smart investment with long-tail impact on search- and purchase-oriented content.

To ensure your brand is capitalizing on these critical organic traffic opportunities, you must re-evaluate your strategy now for long-term organic visibility, taking into account:. 

  • Growth in “at home” and “remote” keyword modifiers
  • Increased reliance on eCommerce, and the potential for a long-term behavior switch 
  • Growth in search around trending themes, new priorities and new needs, from the wellness category, to VPN solutions 
  • Local search and support burgeoning – if your business has a local play, now is the time to look at long-tail keyword strategies 
  • Decreased mobile traffic levels due to a more stagnant, non-commuter lifestyle

That’s why we’ve created “SHIFT/SEO Reboot” — tiered solutions to help organizations improve their organic search performance. They’re built to work within budgets of all sizes and focus on the most critical needs defined by today’s new normal:

  • Staying ahead of industry and competitor search trends & activity (including the acceleration of audio searches)
  • Optimizing existing owned content to maximize potential search traffic and building new full-funnel content strategies focused on rich, user-friendly content
  • Mapping audience-focused content opportunities to varied search intents (informational, consideration, transactional and branded)
  • Ensuring general website health, mobile experience and UX are shored up to reduce bounce rates and capitalize on conversions — particularly within industries where demand is on the rise

With many other marketing channels — such as PPC and trade shows — being turned down, SEO and organic search could help companies navigate through business recovery and beyond. 

If you’d like to learn more about these offerings, please view our SHIFT/SEO Reboot resource page. You can also check out our other COVID-19 resources and if you have any questions please contact our marketing team lead Matt Raven.

Posted on June 17, 2020 in blog, Uncategorized

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