Project Description

Re-Coding the Media Conversation


Position Treehouse as a top online computer coding school within a heavily saturated industry

Break through the clutter with a storyline that differentiates Treehouse from established competitors

Shift the media conversation and own the “what’s next for coding?” narrative


Pull interest: Pitch a softer media story that introduces Treehouse to top-tier business/technology press and draws media/consumer interest around the company’s unique management style and corporate culture (four-day workweek, flat company structure)

Push the story: After validating Treehouse’s place in the industry, shift media conversations from ‘learn to code’ to Code-to-Work by positioning Treehouse as the first coding school to emphasize the importance of tech job placement through a national campaign

Expand pool of media targets to engage top-tier national media covering coding, unemployment, workplace, STEM and education issues


Secured top-tier tech, business and consumer coverage for Treehouse in outlets such as the New York Times, Fox Business, Fox Business MONEY with Melissa Francis, CNN Money, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Inc., Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg and more

Code-to-Work media stories totaled nearly 100 million potential impressions, quickly exceeding competitor media share of voice

PR activation has helped Treehouse student base grow by more than 42% to nearly 100,000 users in under eight months

Project Details

Client: Treehouse

Tags: Consumer Tech

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