Sermo Rapid Response

Project Description

Data-Driven Rapid Response


Position SERMO, the leading social network for doctors, as a reliable data source and virtual doctor’s lounge where physicians can discuss real-life medicine

Build momentum leading into global launch

Promote polling feature as way to build relationships with top tier media


Leverage California measles outbreak and vaccination debate to secure top-tier business and healthcare press coverage around SERMO’s poll data

Create controversial data through doctor polls

Develop a targeted business and healthcare trade press list of reporters covering the outbreak

Draft and distribute a press release and infographic that include data and provocative doctor quotes


Drove new site visitors up to 52%, a 22% increase year over year

Propelled client to leadership status among its top 2 competitors, increasing SERMO’s “Share of Voice” authority from 46% to 66% over two weeks

Secured a feature mention with The Associated Press which was syndicated to more than 170 outlets across the country including The New York Times, CNBC, ABC News, Huffington Post, Yahoo! News and U.S. News & World Report

Outreach also resulted in two TIME articles and more than 408.4M total impressions over two weeks of coverage

Project Details

Client: Sermo

Tags: Healthcare

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