Project Description

Rapid Response


Secure top-tier coverage in the business press, security and IT publications showing off Rapid7’s security chops in response to the LinkedIn data breach


Utilize security researcher and industry expert, Marcus Carey to be the face of Rapid7 and answer the media’s probing questions about the breach

Analyze breached passwords to provide press with original research and an infographic that summarizes the findings for “Day 2” coverage


Secured 160 pieces of coverage in one day among business, security, and trade publications, including an exclusive with MSNBC! Coverage highlights included: Associated Press, CNBC, Computerworld, Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, LA Times and Mashable.

In response to the media coverage, Rapid7 received: inbound sales requests, an increase in website traffic, 500+ webcast registrations and 3,500+ hits on its blog post about the breach

Project Details

Client: Rapid7

Tags: B2B Tech

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