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Project Description

Measurement matters: ROI of pr scores $58K from Buzzfeed coverage

Drive sales through PR efforts during critical holiday season

Increase awareness of with key Buzzfeed audience


Target various Buzzfeed beat reporters with fun, quirky apparel and category pitches that fit their personal interests, and those of their readers

Utilize Google Analytics data to measure what articles generated sales, highlighting to client the ROI of a strong media outreach strategy with the outlet

Syndicate successful articles to increase readership and continue sales momentum


Secured two product placement articles on, a traditionally successful outlet for the company

Traffic from the winter apparel themed article translated into $45.7K in sales, including syndication results

Traffic from the feminist workout apparel themed articles led to $12.8K in sales, including syndication results

Drove 126,000 sessions on, subsidiary brand of parent company Print Syndicate

Generated $58,577 total in sales over a 2 month period

Project Details

Client: Print Syndicate

Tags: Consumer Lifestyle

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