Project Description

Building a Food Brand


Build brand awareness and drive sales for food startup creating a new category of delivery


Secure consistent consumer coverage by tapping into timely hooks from National Bagel Day to regional heat waves to Super Bowl parties

Land company coverage by playing up CEO’s Valley cred

Drive site traffic by hosting giveaways with top lifestyle bloggers

Increase exposure with influential food writers by sponsoring NYC BBQ event


Secured more than 30 pieces of proactive coverage in <6 months, garnering 26+ million impressions Featured in the TODAY Show’s Mother’s Day segment Landed top-tier features stories in ESQUIRE, Forbes, Named No. 1 Mail-Order Food Company by The Daily Meal Hosted giveaways on Real Mom Kitchen, She Scribes, Cool Mom Cool Tips, resulting in their second highest day of traffic Confirmed 8 top-tier food editors to attend NYC event, resulting in immediate Serious Eats coverage

Project Details

Client: FoodyDirect

Tags: Consumer Tech

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