Intern 101: How one SHIFTer landed the job (and how you can, too!)

College is that time of your life where you are supposed to learn about the field you wish to make a career in. You attend lectures, study, take tests, complete projects, and hopefully learn all you can. But there is one thing missing in the “college experience” — real-world application. Here’s where internships come into…

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Catering Email to its Audience

Marketing e-mails are fairly easy to fall to the wayside. You and I, despite our best spam filters, get them all the time from people we don’t care to hear from or have any business dealing with. The concept gets turned onto its head when those emails are necessary and sincere, whether this means marketing…

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Three Ways to Maintain Post-Earnings Momentum

In Wednesday’s blog, we covered strategies to prepare for earnings announcements, from surveying the competitor landscape, to creating killer media vetting processes, to drilling down to targeted coverage areas and more. The next step involves rolling out your post-earnings pitch strategy. For PR professionals, pitching anything “after the fact” might seem foreign, counterproductive or even…

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Tackling Quarterly Earnings With a Targeted Media Approach

The PR game changes when working a public company. As a PR professional, you not only need to consider the complex structure of the publicly-traded organization (and how your media outreach efforts impact stakeholders beyond the company itself); but you’re also tasked with driving coverage around investor-related news. Enter, quarterly earnings announcements. Pitching earnings is…

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An Influencer’s Perspective on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been growing rapidly over the past few years and according to experts, it could be between a $5 and $10 billion market by 2020. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have made careers as influencers, yet many brands forget that being an influencer isn’t just about promoting products for fun,…

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Boosting Team Communication Part 2: Tools for Internal Success

The summer months are some of the most challenging – but rewarding – as a manager. During this time, you’re tasked with juggling client workloads and the multiple out-of-office schedules of your team members. The ability to uphold client needs despite vacation time is critical. While Labor Day and the end of summer are on…

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Boosting Team Communication Part 1: The Strategies You Need

In PR, we are constantly focused on tactics for client communications – taking time to understand how to craft emails, proposals and plans in order to engage and excite the businesses we partner with. During this process, internal team communications can get lost – defaulting to the quickest and easiest ways to communicate, rather than…

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Evolving your online engagement

A version of this post originally appeared on the NATIONAL Public Relations blog, an AVENIR GLOBAL company. As technology is constantly evolving, so too are the ways we engage with it, and by extension, the people, businesses and organizations we use it to connect with. If you’re operating in the sphere of public engagement, advocacy…

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Pinterest Marketing Tool

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should be on Pinterest in 2018

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are typically the “big three” social channels a marketer has to look for when crafting a social media strategy. But as the social media landscape changes and evolves, these may no longer be enough. Here is the case for why you, a savvy marketer/social media manager, should add Pinterest to your…

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Welcome to the family, Padilla!

We’re thrilled to share that SHIFT’s parent company, AVENIR GLOBAL, has acquired award-winning PR and communications company Padilla. Welcome to the family! Padilla brings its 210 employees across six offices in the US to the network, along with expertise in Food & Beverage, Agribusiness, Technology and Manufacturing. Not to mention their close to 60 years…

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