covid-19 rules of engagement

Rules of engagement in the time of COVID-19: A brand’s responsibilities

The world is navigating uncharted waters as the COVID-19 crisis evolves on an hourly basis. Much has been written about how brands have responded, from ethical acts of generosity (such as the decision of many major retailers to close stores while paying full wages to staff) to failed marketing stunts that will tarnish reputations long…

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miranda dini avenir global

Miranda Dini Appointed Global Healthcare Lead for AVENIR GLOBAL

AVENIR GLOBAL, one of the top 15 largest communications firms in the world, has more than 1,000 employees in key strategic markets across Europe/Middle East, the United States and Canada. Healthcare, which collectively represents more than 30% of the firm’s business, is the network’s largest sector. Dini has been leading the AXON business in Europe…

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Internal communications and business planning during a global public health crisis

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in late December, the closely monitored virus has become a public health crisis in China, causing a domino effect around the world. Officials are focused on providing the facts, as well as preventing and containing the virus, while scientists work tirelessly on a vaccine. The travel industry…

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measure pr kpi

How to Measure PR in Revenue Marketing

More and more marketing leaders are being called on to adopt revenue marketing. Rather than simply provide MQLs, they are responsible for driving measurable customer acquisition and sales. All activities they pursue, from easily tracked digital ads to PR campaigns, must show ROI. Not all PR programs are set up for this nor are all…

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coronavirus communications

Novel coronavirus: Considerations for communicating during public health threats

With the number of presumed cases continuing to increase daily, there is growing concern about what the virus—and its long-term impact—means. For communicators, managing the razor-thin line between sharing important details and inciting widespread panic requires a delicate balance. When there are often more questions than answers, seemingly straightforward communications exercises can result in unexpected…

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PR’s Charge for 2020: Redefining Purpose in Corporate Narratives

Purpose has been at the forefront of corporate communications for many years now, but it came to a head this year at Davos. With the fierce calls to action at the World Economic Forum, the importance of purpose-driven narratives will likely only intensify. But the definition of purpose has changed. As The Holmes Report covered…

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SHIFT 2020 Leadership team

SHIFT Kicks Off 2020 by Expanding Senior Team

2020 is off to an exciting start at SHIFT Communications. On the heels of strong client momentum and new leadership under industry veteran Rick Murray, SHIFT made a number of additions to its leadership team to support the agency in delivering award-winning work and growing the business. Managing Partner Rick Murray said of the news,…

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strategic thinking puzzle pieces

6 trends to inspire your strategic thinking going into 2020

Making predictions at any time shows a faith of conviction that is hard to muster. Writing them at the start of a decade is even more ambitious. This isn’t that kind of post. Instead, it shares trends and themes that excite and inspire my thinking for strategy and communications going into 2020. I hope it…

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presentation tips stage

Presentation Tips to Deliver Your Message Clearly

Whether presenting a speech to an auditorium of 100+ people or a small conference room, public presentation is a significant part of any PR practitioner’s role. It takes some practice and skill-honing to fine-tune every aspect of public speaking. Here are a few places to start. Use Your Stage with Intention When you get in…

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sabbatical tips

The Good (Sabbatical) Life: Tips For a Stress-Free Sabbatical

What if someone told you you could have a month off? Now what if I told you that month would be paid time off? Sounds like a dream right? It’s a reality here at SHIFT. I can personally attest to this as I just took my very first sabbatical in September. And let me tell…

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