New SHIFT eBook: How Social Media Broke PR (and how to fix it)


In the past, PR and marketing had a clearly defined, specific process to generate attention: work with media gatekeepers and get clients the “hits”. We hit our Rolodexes, sent in bylined articles, maybe even worked with the ad department for some newspaper ads and TV/radio spots. If we were lucky, the gatekeepers would allow us access to their audiences. Put money in the machine, get face time with the audience that works best for your product, rinse/repeat.

That stopped working well.

Social media broke the traditional media model in one fundamental way: traditional media organizations are no longer the gatekeepers of audiences and the arbiters of information. They no longer have a monopoly on what gets seen, heard, or shared. At best, their publication of a story validates a particular piece of information or story. At worst, they are simply redundant. Social media changed everything. Did your business change with it?

Let us help you understand and profit from the new media environment in our newest eBook, How Social Media Broke PR (and how to fix it). You’ll learn:

  • 3 core social media behaviors your content MUST elicit
  • How search marketing is being influenced by social media
  • A step-by-step case study of a successful earned/owned/paid promotion with just $500 budget
  • … and much, much more!

Click here to download your copy now!

Advanced marketer or newbie: give it a download, read it, then try out some of the tips and tactics in your business. We’d love to hear what your experiences are after reading the book – leave us a message in the comments!

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


Posted on January 8, 2014 in Advertising, Book, eBook, Marketing, Training

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Chel works in the Integrated Services as a specialist who uses her knowledge of marketing technology, analytics, and their strategies to strengthen the agency. She spends her free time rucking, writing and/or gaming, creating art via canvas or photography and listening to JT and/or Black Lab. You're probably overly familiar with her love of Sherlock (BBC).
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