Happy SHIFT New Year – 2014 Playlist

Whether your celebrations went long or early last night, you’ll wake up to a bright new year out there. To celebrate, a handful of SHIFTers put together an inspiring playlist on Spotify to move you on this first day of 2014.

Fair warning: Some of the songs are listed as explicit and aren’t fit for little ears. We suggest you hit shuffle and listen through for maximum effectiveness.

Without further ado, let’s rock:

Happy 2014!

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst

Posted on January 1, 2014 in Creative, Holiday Fun

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Chel works in the Integrated Services as a specialist who uses her knowledge of marketing technology, analytics, and their strategies to strengthen the agency. She spends her free time rucking, writing and/or gaming, creating art via canvas or photography and listening to JT and/or Black Lab. You're probably overly familiar with her love of Sherlock (BBC).
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