How Digital Marketing Technology has Affected PR

If you’re working in the public relations field you may have noticed that there are increasingly more tools and data points at your disposal. In the past few years, PR has been able to leverage digital marketing technology tools and techniques. Take for example, the way that businesses are evolving to keep in constant contact with their customer base (from this year’s KPCB Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker):

Digital Marketing Technology

Many brands are taking to text messaging or social messaging apps to provide better customer service.

Digital Marketing Technology

The chart above shows some of the best ways to stay in touch with specific generations. If you’re running a campaign for your client you’d want to be aware of these trends and be sure to adapt your strategy based on your audience targets.

Why should PR professionals care about this change? For one, pushing out a standard press release or email just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your client’s brand will get lost in the shuffle of internet noise. Customer are increasingly connected and can lose interest quickly.

Where do you start to understand the client’s customer base and their social habits? That’s where the digital marketing technology tools come in. Tools, such as Sysomos or Google Consumer Surveys, can help you investigate social trend, topics and behaviors. Publicly available data, such as Google Barometer can give you some initial insights as well. Digital marketing technology tools can help you understand the most optimal ways to reach your client’s customer base and help you edge out your peers. Did you know that the average Global Mobile user has roughly 33 apps installed on their phone? Many of those are messaging apps:

Digital Marketing Technology

What do you, a PR professional, do with all of this information? First, don’t panic. Second, lean on your digital marketing technology team. If you don’t have an in-house team you can start by accessing some of the publicly available data. By browsing Google’s curated insights you can find data points like the one below:

Digital Marketing Technology

Do some digging about your client’s audience and see if there are any data nuggets that will help with differentiate. Access to digital marketing technology tools are becoming more common by the day. Public relations professionals that utilize these tools are going to stay ahead of the curve.

Katie Lioy
Director, Marketing Technology

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Posted on August 9, 2016 in Marketing Technology, Public Relations

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