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When Great Headline Writing Isn’t Enough

Thanks to the many intense pressures existing in digital advertising, media and content marketing, the importance of a good headline has grown exponentially in recent years. Taking the media example, 20 years ago an attention grabbing headline was important to capture a reader’s attention and engage them, but they had already bought the newspaper! Now,…

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Writing 101: How Every PR Professional Can Fine-Tune Their Most Marketable Skill

If every PR professional in the world crammed themselves into a (fictitiously large) conference arena, the room would be filled with driven, creative, detail-oriented, thick-skinned individuals. It’s no big surprise that the industry’s brightest minds share similar traits, but there is one often overlooked skill that most people take for granted. If all the people…

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Social Stories

The Storyless Story: Why the Frames of Social Stories Aren’t the Only Disappearing Element

Not every story begins with “once upon a time,” or ends with a “happily ever after,” however it would be quite a challenging feat to find someone who doesn’t recognize these two phrases. In fact, these two iconic taglines aren’t necessary to bookend any story at all. Yet, social stories do require the two respective…

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PR Writing

4 Resources to Keep Writing Right and Tight

Writing is the cornerstone of any PR program. Whether drafting technical abstracts or colorful consumer pitches, sharp writing separates the good from the great. To polish your skills, try these four resources: Grammarly A free online tool that will scan your writing and flag any grammatical errors. Before sending anything to clients, run your writing…

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writer's block

Overcoming Writer’s Block at a Moment’s Notice

Let’s get meta. I literally asked my team what I should write about for this blog post and Stephanie Siano, an esteemed account coordinator on our tech/B2B team, said I should write about how to overcome writer’s block. Ha ha. Well, after three aborted attempts at writing something else, I decided to take her advice…

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SHIFT Healthcare Q&A Part 2: Writing and Healthcare Trends

This is the second blog post in a series of two posts in the SHIFT Healthcare team’s Q&A with our friend and colleague Mike Feibus, President and Principal Analyst, FeibusTech, as well as Contributor for USA Today and Fortune. Our first installment focused on the taboos and to-dos of event outreach for PR professionals. This…

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Are Clichés Killing How You Communicate?

At the end of the day, are you so in the weeds with using clichés instead of thinking outside the box and circling back to the low hanging fruit? In my opinion, let’s put a stake in the ground, manage expectations and eat our own dog food. Huh? Are we too reliant on clichés that…

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Reverse Engineering: It’s for PR Pros, Too

Reverse engineering: the process of extracting knowledge or design information from anything man-made and reproducing it or reproducing anything based on the extracted information. The process often involves disassembling something and analyzing its components and workings in detail. –Wikipedia Ever wonder why a pitch you shipped out to 5, 10, or even more reporters garnered little or no response? How about…

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7 Tips to Write a Killer Conclusion (and Keep Your Audience Around)

There’s a critical component to any content marketing or communications strategy that is commonly undervalued: the quality of writing. For some, writing is intimidating and challenging. For others, it’s natural, comfortable, and fun! Regardless, there is not a single person who can’t benefit from continual improvement in their written communication skills. It’s not a skill…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 9/10: In Media Res

Blogging isn’t going out of style any time soon; with the ascent of content marketing, blogging, podcasting and video are on the minds of marketers and PR professionals all the time. In this 10-part Beginner’s Guide to Blogging series, we’re going to explore what makes a blog great and give you some structures and frameworks…

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