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3 Data-Driven PR Proof Points

We talk a lot about data-driven PR, but what does it really mean? It’s easy to learn how to use tools like Moz or Google Analytics, but how does it tie into the larger mission? Like with any program, how we use it depends on the brand’s goals. While we have an entire series to…

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Google AMP

How Does Google AMP Affect Your WordPress Website’s SEO and What Can You Do About It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google Project that started back in 2015. It promised to provide faster webpage loading, higher levels of user engagement, and better flexibility. AMP offers more than the average SEO update that Google rolls out almost every year without fail. It is excellent news for those using 3G mobile networks…

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link building

5 Major Link Building Mistakes Every SEO Professional Should Avoid in 2018

Talk to any SEO consultant about promoting your website, and they will tell you about the importance of link building. It always remained as one of the most prominent strategies in terms of organic SEO. Google also confirmed that link building is one of the two top ranking factors they consider. If you are planning…

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search engine ranking

How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Digital Marketing and its association with social media go hand in hand, and they definitely shouldn’t part ways. The same holds true when it comes to organic search. Social media content and strategies can help you and your business achieve better SEO results whereby your website can get improved rankings in the SERPs (search engine…

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Brand Image

Clean Up Your Brand Image: 5 Tips From a Waste Industry Marketer

Waste Management may not be a glamorous industry, but everybody needs to deal with trash. When I joined Waste Industries in 2016, I was transitioning from a small-agency lifestyle to a big corporate entity. As a Digital Strategist, I was responsible for enhancing our brand image while ushering the company into the modern era of…

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The power of public relations on branded organic search

What’s the most valuable kind of search marketing? Not just organic (unpaid) search, but a very specific kind: branded organic search. Public relations shows its true power when measured, in part, by measuring branded organic search lift. We define branded organic search as searches done by people for your name, brand name, or distinct product…

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Don’t Be Outdated: Why It’s Important to Refresh Your Models

It’s becoming more fashionable to claim that your PR and marketing is “data-driven,” but what exactly does that mean? It means we evaluate our situation honestly, using the most unbiased tools at our disposal. This often means using data about our current market or audience to create a model. A model is simply a substitute…

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Facebook Notes and the Lazappalinari Cocktail: An SEO Test

On Friday, September 24, Facebook rebooted its Notes feature. Formerly the domain of silly forwards and “25 things you didn’t know about me but will doom my political career if anyone finds out” content, Notes’ reboot appears sharply aimed at sites like Quartz and Medium. Everything from style to layout to font choices shouts the…

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4 Mobile SEO Problems That PR Pros Must Conquer

Google is about to change the SEO rules again. This time, they’ve made the bold pronouncement that websites which are not friendly to mobile devices will be penalized in search results. This change will have far-reaching implications for everyone with a website, and there are 4 additional twists for PR and marketing communications professionals. From…

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How will you measure the name of your company?

Brands we recognize by their symbols and letters alone are many when the brand is well established or has been around for years. When establishing a new brand, names need to be easy to remember and recall in conversations and in times of recommendation. As a result, many businesses have opted to choose single words that…

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