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Consumer Corner: No Client News? 4 Ways to Maintain a Reporter Relationship During a News Lull

In life, you never want to be that person. That person that only reaches out when they need something, and never returns the favor. That person that only talks about themselves, and forgets to ask how the other person is doing. We all know that person and they’re the worst. So, as a public relations…

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media relations

8 Tips to Start a Strong Media Relations Day

Media relations is often the bread and butter of any PR program, and at SHIFT we pride ourselves on being some of the best trend spotters and pitch and content developers in the industry. However, the path to PR is not always the same for everyone, and the tricks and tips we’ve all learned along…

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State of Social Q1 2017: Snapchat Reveals Little, Saturated Already?

Snapchat, the shiniest new object in social media (at least as far as publicly-traded companies go), held its first earnings call since its initial public offering (IPO). User Growth Snapchat reports its userbase by quarterly averaged daily active users, meaning the number of users who are active daily on average throughout the quarter. What we…

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Consumer Media

Start Spreading the News: SHIFT NY 2016 Consumer Media Highlights

SHIFT New York’s consumer team kept up a full court press in 2016, keeping our clients’ brands top of mind among relevant technology and lifestyle reporters and delivering relevant, timely content to their readers. Whether it was securing placements for the latest outdoor grilling innovation from Char-Broil or letting tech reporters know about a new…

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Getting Placements in a Non-Stop News Cycle

To my old school PR friends, we have been here before. Every four years the world stand stills and all eyes are on the candidates. On a given day, The New York Times published 492 articles online; of that number, 60 were dedicated to the election. Now, look at the last month alone; we were…

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SHIFTing into the Future

It is with pride and excitement that we announce the acquisition of SHIFT Communications by NATIONAL Public Relations –the largest PR firm in Canada, with a storied history in the region and a reputation for good work and fair dealing. Wait?! What?! I know, it’s a little jarring at first to hear this news. SHIFT…

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State of Social Q1 2016: Facebook hits 54% mobile-only use

The largest social network in the world – practically a planet unto itself – released its Q1 2016 earnings. Let’s see how Facebook closed out the first quarter of 2016. One change from previous State of Social reports: our charts are now interactive and embeddable. Hover over any data point to see exact numbers. User…

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Looking Back at 2015’s Top Healthcare Headlines to Help You Look Ahead

Healthcare made a lot of headlines this year. But what does that mean to the healthcare industry? A while back we explained the PEST framework for understanding competitive threats. With this in mind, let’s examine a few of 2015’s top healthcare headlines as they’ll be a contributing factor into what happens in 2016 and beyond.…

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Quick Tips for Staying on Top Of Today’s Busy News Cycle

As PR pros, it is imperative that we’re always consuming news. Whether it’s monitoring where our clients are being mentioned, or their competitors or general trends – being media savvy makes us great at what we do. One recent example was a colleague’s reactive pitch on water-saving advice in advance of the Bay Area’s (nowadays,…

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SHIFT Communications: 12 Years and Counting

This week we celebrate the 12th anniversary of the founding of SHIFT Communications. And what a ride it’s been! Back in 2003, the Agency’s first concern was whether – and how – the 30-odd people who had survived the wreckage of our predecessor firm might make a go of it under our new banner. It was…

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