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What Can the Boston Celtics Teach Us About B2B Tech PR

What Can the Boston Celtics Teach Us About B2B Tech PR?

A PRSA Q&A with Christian Megliola, SVP, Communications, Boston Celtics At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be many similarities between sports communications and B2B tech public relations. However, after hearing from Christian Megliola, SVP, Communications, Boston Celtics, it’s clear that the sports industry offers many lessons for all areas of public relations. Here are…

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Diversity in the Workplace: It’s a Grassroots Effort

Diversity in the Workplace: It’s a Grassroots Effort and it Begins with You

If you’re a working professional, there’s a 99 percent chance (not a proven statistic) you’ve heard the word “diversity” mentioned at work at some point or another. High-five if you were the one to bring it up! There’s always more that can be done to advance the state of diversity in every industry. I was…

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Intern 101: How one SHIFTer landed the job (and how you can, too!)

College is that time of your life where you are supposed to learn about the field you wish to make a career in. You attend lectures, study, take tests, complete projects, and hopefully learn all you can. But there is one thing missing in the “college experience” — real-world application. Here’s where internships come into…

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Finding Resilience at MITX’s InfluenceHer Conference

I find that it is so hard to get away from my desk, and if I do, I’m usually working on the go, checking emails and making phone calls no matter where I am (I’m sitting in the Subaru dealership getting my car fixed as I write this blog). But, I made a commitment to…

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The Dogs Days of Summer are the Perfect Time to Foster Connections and Learning

Over the fourth of July week, traffic was light, the city was a ghost town and many inboxes got back to zero. With many clients enjoying time off as well it allowed my team some extra time for learning and networking – something we plan to continue all summer long. It can be hard to…

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Boston TechJam

Boston TechJam: Lessons in Building Buzz for Events

Editor’s note: All images vis Matt Tetrault/Pretty Instant Since its start six years ago, SHIFT has been a proud founding partner of Boston TechJam, an event led by Mass Technology Leadership Council to bring awareness to and celebrate Greater Boston’s innovation ecosystem. SHIFT’s helps create buzz leading up to the event, to drive ticket sales, sponsorships…

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shift communications boston

SHIFT Communications Moves to Downtown Boston!

As I type this note, I am sitting in our sparkling new space in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay; a space that is a perfect representation of SHIFT – open, collaborative and vibrant. To start 2018 in our new home is truly exciting. The best part is that we were able to create a…

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media relations

Making Media Relations Connections

I made the move from Boston to SF four months ago and couldn’t be happier to be in the hub for technology and healthcare innovation. The SHIFT SF office is located right in the thick of it all in downtown SF. As such, I had the opportunity to attend a few events from last week’s…

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Bucking the Valley Startup Trend

A decade ago, if a startup company wasn’t in Silicon Valley it would struggle to secure media and investor attention. Today’s startups have an expanded, legitimate and thriving list of options on where to set their roots. A report from the Progressive Policy Institute earlier this year detailed how the startup economy has spread in…

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10 Tips for Surviving Startups

Today’s post is from guest blogger Doug Wheeler, a 25+ year veteran executive in the technology industry. Enjoy! Having spent more than 15 years in the startup school of hard knocks — including some that made a mark (or I’m hoping will soon – go DocuSign!) and others that fizzled out — I’ve learned a great many…

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