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Fix What’s Most Broken In Your Marketing Analytics

How much data do you analyze in your marketing and communications programs? How much data do you simply let slip away, like sand through your fingers? Consider what we have at our fingertips: Social media data by channel, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more Website analytics data from Google Analytics Media data from publications…

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Measure Your PR Success

How to Best Measure Your PR Success

The close of the year is quickly approaching. With that brings trade show season (Oracle Open World, Dreamforce and AWS re:Invent, oh my!), executive predictions on what 2017 will bring, and the often-dreaded End of Year reporting exercise. PR teams have long deplored the challenges of how to best measure your PR success and effectively report program…

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Press Releases Don’t Work

What occurs a thousand times a day but is rarely noticed? The answer: public relations professionals publish a press release. SHIFT Communications delved into the raw Google News database of millions of news stories per year to extract just press releases. What we found amazed (but didn’t surprise) us: Last month, for the first time…

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State of Social

State of Social Q2 2016: LinkedIn Bought by Microsoft

LinkedIn, the premier business-focused social network, is no more as an independent company. In June 2016, Microsoft purchased it for $26.2 billion, one of the largest social network acquisitions ever. While LinkedIn will continue to operate as a social network, we expect this to be one of the last State of Social reports on the…

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Digital Advertising Performance

Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 5: Advertising Measurement

Public relations professionals often make mention of the concepts of earned, owned, and paid media. However, when they begin to talk about media, they quickly brushed past paid media. Ignoring paid media is a capital mistake; doing so ignores a body of strategies and tactics which complement and enhance the power of earned media and…

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What is Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology. You’ve heard the term in presentations. You’ve seen it in industry news. It’s changing marketing forever. But you still may be left wondering, “What IS marketing technology?” In short: Marketing met IT and marketing technology is their offspring. Let’s examine the corporate strategic landscape to understand what marketing technology is. In the chart…

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Google Data Studio for PR Professionals

At the recent Google Performance Summit, Google announced its new Data Studio product for everyone. Data Studio is Google’s new dashboarding product, helping marketers to visualize and share data. Should PR professionals examine Data Studio? What’s in the Box? Data Studio is available in the US only for now; expect it to be more widely…

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Are influencers overpaid? A data-driven exploration of influencer metrics

A recent article in Digiday made the bold claim by a marketing executive that influencers are overpaid and generally do not advance business objectives. Let’s examine this claim’s merits. Do influencers matter? Are they overpaid? What are influencers paid to deliver? The first, most important question to answer is what are we buying when we…

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State of Social 1Q 2016: Did Twitter hit the window?

The 140 character social network released its Q1 2016 earnings. Did it hit its targets, or did the little blue bird simply fly face-first into a glass window? Let’s look at the numbers. Growth After a miss in Q4 2015, Twitter’s monthly active users has ticked back up to 1.64% quarter-over-quarter, adding 5 million new…

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Numbers Matter: Measure What You Manage in Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk wrote recently that numbers don’t matter, only influence does, a way of attempting to explain quality over quantity. The idea that we should focus our efforts on high-quality interaction with our audiences isn’t new, but Gary’s wording of this idea is problematic. Why? After all, it’s hard to argue with quality over quantity,…

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