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Broadening Your SEO Initiatives: MTech 2019 Summit

Last week, the New England Direct Marketing Association held its 10th annual marketing technology summit at Bentley University, where several of the industry’s distinguished people came together to discuss digital marketing. The summit had a program of 7 different topics, which included a different speaker for each section. Among the speakers were Harry Gold, CEO…

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computer writing digital age

The Art Of Article Writing In The Digital Age

Content strategy has taken the world by storm, and with that comes a lot of pressure for companies and brands alike. More and more, consumers breeze past traditional advertisements in favour of curated content that benefits their day-to-day lives. Brands face the pressure of staying relevant, providing value and maintaining a clear voice. Whether for…

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Email Marketing in PR

The role of email marketing in public relations

Email marketing has been called the digital glue of the social world. There’s a lot of truth to that statement; email is the only reliable push mechanism to reach out to people that works at scale. Certainly, you can direct message someone on Twitter or private message someone on Facebook or pick up the phone…

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Executive Brand Building and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Executive Brand Building and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

A version of this post originally appeared on the National Blog, an AVENIR GLOBAL company. In today’s digital world, executives have far more to consider than just accountability to shareholders. Organizations are pivoting constantly to capture the attention of and build loyalty with their audiences. Except for when it comes to the C-suite. The majority of…

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How To Implement Effective Email Marketing Strategies

How to use email marketing in the most effective way

Email marketing is the practice of sending information to groups of people via e-mails. And despite being around for aeons compared to some of digital marketing’s most recent innovations, it is still widely used in businesses across a variety of industries. Although email marketing is indeed still relevant today, there are certain things you need…

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How Social Media Can Transform Your App Branding

Social media has become essential in crafting a brand image for companies. Businesses need to actively foster a unique and creative voice for their consumers to engage with on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. As the app industry continues to become more competitive, social media can be the distinctive component to your brand…

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How to Work With Opposite Audiences In one Business

How To Work With Opposite Audiences In One Business

Companies are frequently obsessed with the idea of appealing to “everyone”. Doesn’t matter whether it is required by a battalion of stakeholders, or an absolutely incompetent chief marketing officer, it always ends the same way. And clearly not a successful one. The deal is that attempting to address multiple audiences usually looks like yelling with…

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An Influencer’s Perspective on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been growing rapidly over the past few years and according to experts, it could be between a $5 and $10 billion market by 2020. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have made careers as influencers, yet many brands forget that being an influencer isn’t just about promoting products for fun,…

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Pinterest Marketing Tool

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should be on Pinterest in 2018

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are typically the “big three” social channels a marketer has to look for when crafting a social media strategy. But as the social media landscape changes and evolves, these may no longer be enough. Here is the case for why you, a savvy marketer/social media manager, should add Pinterest to your…

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reaching influencers

A New Approach to Reaching Influencers

It’s no secret that the discipline of earned media has always played second fiddle to paid media — but that may be finally changing. We now have the ability to target opinion formers directly and use paid media to amplify their voice and distribute content, making the role of paid secondary to earned, owned and…

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