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Influencer Marketing

Is Scrutiny On Influencer Marketing Compliance Becoming More Intense?

As the adoption of influencer marketing continues to rise, so too does the scrutiny of the practice. For more than a year, the FTC has made it clear to brands and marketers that disclosure is critical. These compliance standards also apply to brands running their programs through ad agencies or public relations firms as they’re…

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crisis planning

Crisis Planning for Data Security Issues

The nexus of data security and crisis planning has taken on global importance recently. The rash of broad-based attacks just this last month, from the WannaCry ransomware to the more recent attack based on a variant of Petya, is effecting every industry. As the hacker ecosystem has become more automated and scalable, attacks have become…

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Do you need a corporate social media policy?

One of the topics that comes up most often in discussion about social media within corporations is the topic of social media policy. What should your social media policy be? What should be in it? How should you regulate it? These problems and questions have been on the minds of corporate executives since the dawn…

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How to avoid spamming in your PR outreach

Yesterday, CafePress VP of Digital Strategy, Jason Falls wrote a post warning PR professionals to ensure their emails are CAN-SPAM compliant, especially when sending them his way. Today, I thought it would be a good time to review what is spam exactly and why it’s the last thing you want to send. The CAN-SPAM Act…

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How to respond to plagiarism and copyright violation (US version)

In PR, we talk a great deal about content marketing, about creating content that’s helpful, useful, and relevant. Becoming minimally competent at content creation takes time; becoming good at it takes years, and mastering it takes a lifetime. However, one of the most backhanded compliments you’ll receive as a content creator is the day that…

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How should you handle the new FTC social media regulations?

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released an update of its regulations governing online advertising (PDF) to include social media. The scope of the FTC’s guidance covers any form of paid advertisement, and things like disclosures must be bundled into your ad-powered content. Here’s the golden rule behind all of the FTC’s guidelines: if money…

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