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What Content Creators and Brands Need to Know About IGTV

What content creators and brands need to know about IGTV

Instagram recently made waves with the launch of their new video platform, IGTV. A greater focus on video content seems like a natural evolution for Instagram—and it’s a shift that has the potential to make a pretty significant impact online. Online videos are here to stay. People are watching less TV, but are consuming more…

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I Bought 750 Instagram Followers So You Don’t Have To

Let’s face it. Sometimes more is better. Or at least, more feels like it should be better, especially when it comes to social media followers. Take a mental scroll through your Instagram followers and be honest: How often have you looked at a certain account and judged the user based on how many followers they…

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The End of the Instagram Influencer (As We Know It)

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has had it with influencers, at least as many of them stand on the service now. They’re taking strong action to nullify the automated tactics of many Instagram influencers. The collateral damage? Like its parent, Instagram will be far more pay-to-play for brands and businesses. The free ride is over. What’s…

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