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work perks

Taking Advantage of SHIFT’s Work Perks

As you’re reading this post, our Boston office sits empty. No, we haven’t all come down with the flu – we’re touring Boston Harbor on our annual Summer Outing, just one of the many work perks at SHIFT! There are seven core values which drive everything we do at SHIFT. These values encourage us to…

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1:1 meetings

Making the Most of 1:1 Meetings

Here at SHIFT we have a long tradition 1:1 meetings (which are exactly what they sound like, meeting one-on-one!). We like to ensure all members of the team have face time with managers to express concerns, work through problems, or just get to know each other better. As my team has grown and more of…

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SHIFT san francisco

Announcing New Leads out of SHIFT San Francisco!

Have you heard the news? Two strategic hires have joined SHIFT San Francisco: David Hargreaves will act as Managing Director and Nathan Beers as Vice President. Welcome, both! Meet David David joins us having spent two years managing a sales and marketing team for SaaS startup Snipp Interactive. Prior to that, he spent nearly 10 years at NextFifteen Group…

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Facebook Jobs Employers

Facebook Jobs for Employers

You’re generally encouraged to keep your Facebook life separate from your work life. But Facebook is looking to blur those lines with their new Jobs feature. They tout the ease of use as a benefit for both employers and potential employees, but is it really? In this two part series, we’ll explore how the Facebook…

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The Self-Importance of Being Honorable in Job Search

Have you ever considered embellishing the truth on a job application or interview? After all, everyone at some point in their career will experience a “questionable departure,” or have some experience on their resume that worries them about their chances to land a new job. You wouldn’t be alone considering that. Fortune Magazine reported that…

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Transitioning into your Promotion

Balancing Act: Transitioning into Your Promotion

As a junior-level PR pro, there will be few times in your career as stressful and demanding as when you are promoted. Whether it’s a promotion from intern to account coordinator, or account coordinator to account executive, you will likely retain old tasks for a bit of time in addition to assuming the responsibilities of…

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Public Relations Majors

What Should Public Relations Majors Really Be Studying in School?

Oh, college. I look back on my university years fondly. (Go Terriers!) We put a lot of money into going to school and getting a degree, and it’s often interesting to look back and see which courses really prepped us for post-grad life. As I thought about it – some of my answers surprised me…

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hire a PR firm

When is The Right Time and Stage to Hire a PR Firm?

I was recently invited to join “FounderDating,” a site that matches the entrepreneurial-minded to start new companies based on complementary skills, similar backgrounds and expertise. It’s an interesting concept, especially in the gig economy, where the web provides people with passion projects a medium, audience and even willing collaborators to explore those ideas. FounderDating’s forums…

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My Diploma Says “B.A. in PR,” but Am I Ready for What’s Next?

It’s hard to believe, but graduation season is already upon us and this means there are a lot of students ready to pursue careers in PR. In college courses, students are generally taught PR in a big-picture sense—skills such as how to perfect writing by following AP guidelines and even how to write a PR…

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Interviewing at SHIFT? 3 Questions to Ask

Since starting at SHIFT almost four years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of being included in the interview process when my team has been looking to fill open positions. Whether interviewing an Account Coordinator or Account Director, it’s been a unique experience to sit on the other side of the table and act as the…

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