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The Art Of Article Writing In The Digital Age

Content strategy has taken the world by storm, and with that comes a lot of pressure for companies and brands alike. More and more, consumers breeze past traditional advertisements in favour of curated content that benefits their day-to-day lives. Brands face the pressure of staying relevant, providing value and maintaining a clear voice. Whether for…

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Social Media Negative Feedback

Dealing with Negative Feedback in Social Media Like a Pro

The social media presence of a brand attracts different reactions from people, and hence, getting negative feedback on your page shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. The time you take to respond to them, your reaction, the customer experience and the final solution you provide to criticism are vital. Your response determines the impression…

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Healthcare PR Copy

Signs Your Creative Health Care Campaigns Will Resonate With Your Consumer

“We need to get creative.” If you’re a health care communicator, you’ve probably heard (or said) this phrase a number of times. When tasked with sharing clinical findings, medical recommendations and trial data with those who need it most in a way that resonates and cuts through the clutter, “be creative” becomes the health care…

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Lights, camera… freeze? How to ace your next interview

Lights, camera… freeze? How to ace your next interview

A version of this post originally appeared on the NATIONAL blog, an AVENIR GLOBAL company. Imagine you’re on live television giving an interview and it happens: The journalist asks a question and you don’t have an answer. For those of us who serve as spokespeople, being caught off guard during an interview is what nightmares are…

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How To Implement Effective Email Marketing Strategies

How to use email marketing in the most effective way

Email marketing is the practice of sending information to groups of people via e-mails. And despite being around for aeons compared to some of digital marketing’s most recent innovations, it is still widely used in businesses across a variety of industries. Although email marketing is indeed still relevant today, there are certain things you need…

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How to Work With Opposite Audiences In one Business

How To Work With Opposite Audiences In One Business

Companies are frequently obsessed with the idea of appealing to “everyone”. Doesn’t matter whether it is required by a battalion of stakeholders, or an absolutely incompetent chief marketing officer, it always ends the same way. And clearly not a successful one. The deal is that attempting to address multiple audiences usually looks like yelling with…

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Measuring Up- A This, Not That List For Social Media Metrics

Measuring Up: A “This, Not That” List For Social Media Metrics

A version of this post originally appeared on the Padilla blog, an AVENIR GLOBAL company. With recent algorithm changes, bot clean-ups and paid advertising on social media, it can be a challenge to articulate campaign success. As social media managers, it may seem like an enticing option to report on vanity numbers such as likes,…

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Catering Email to its Audience

Marketing e-mails are fairly easy to fall to the wayside. You and I, despite our best spam filters, get them all the time from people we don’t care to hear from or have any business dealing with. The concept gets turned onto its head when those emails are necessary and sincere, whether this means marketing…

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How to Optimize Content Before Publication (Part 2)

Now that you know the most important principles of content optimization, we can move on to specific techniques that drive sales. How to Produce Content That Sells Step #1: Choose a Topic Your Target Audience Cares About An effective content optimization process begins long before a single word is written. The reason? Well, if you…

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How to Optimize Content Before Publication (Part 1)

Content is king. Chances are you’ve heard this phrase if you work in an online business. Bloggers, marketers, and other people writing for web use it a lot because well, it’s true. Even though content is not the only thing to focus on, it’s certainly one of the most important ones because it’s one of…

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