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How Does Google AMP Affect Your WordPress Website’s SEO and What Can You Do About It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google Project that started back in 2015. It promised to provide faster webpage loading, higher levels of user engagement, and better flexibility. AMP offers more than the average SEO update that Google rolls out almost every year without fail. It is excellent news for those using 3G mobile networks…

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Is this the end for Google+?

In a vague post late Sunday night, it was confirmed that Google was heading in the direction of dismantling Google+ into separate products – Streams and Photos. Not much else has been said about the changes, and from a user perspective, you won’t see a huge difference right now. It is projected that over the…

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Google+, Communications and Presumption of a Product Death

Over the weekend, there have been a number of posts and conversations surrounding the departure of Vic Gundotra from Google and speculation on what that means for Google+ as a product and network. While many are already beginning to tout the death of the social network, Google has gone on record to say they aren’t…

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