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Avoid the new Facebook Penalty Algorithm!

Facebook recently detailed an algorithm change to its News Feed, aiming at resurfacing older updates that it thinks are relevant, even if they’re not as fresh, because they think you’d appreciate not having missed it. It’s based on something simple: if Facebook registered that you never saw the item and it’d be an item that…

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Changes to Facebook Page Insights Brings More Data

Yesterday, Facebook released a new and improved version of Page Insights. We wanted to note some of the more interesting data you now have at your fingertips about interactions with your page on Facebook. Facebook Page Insights – Overview This page layout has changed and now shows you a quick snapshot of likes, reach and…

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Facebook Embedded Posts Create Ad Potential, PR Problems

The Interwebs were much abuzz about yesterday’s announcement from Facebook about the slow rollout of embedded posts, in which you can take a post from Facebook and embed it on your site, much like how embedded Tweets function. Embedded Facebook posts will let you like and share a post right from the page it’s on.…

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State of Facebook: 70% use a mobile device to access Facebook

According to Facebook’s most recent 2013 Q2 SEC filing, the number of daily active users is now 699 million, spread out over Europe, Asia, and the Americas in roughly equal amounts: Facebook’s monthly active users count is now at 1.155 billion people. Note that Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world are where their…

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How to validate your PR audience targeting with Facebook Graph Search

What’s the first, most dangerous mistake that any PR or marketing campaign can make? Not knowing who the audience is. This is a mistake I’ve seen all too frequently – we rush to begin work on our ad campaign or our PR campaign without a deep understanding of who it is we’re trying to reach,…

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Instagram Adds Video and Video-Specific Filters and Stabilizing Features [Live Blog Recap]

Review our archived coverage of the Facebook Special Event, hosted by SHIFT’s Dave Levy!

One billion reasons Facebook Hashtags are about Instagram

I’m an Android user, something that I actually think is decently well known among any of my SHIFT colleagues who watch my reaction when someone emails in search of an iPhone 5 charger. While there are many, many things about Android that we usually get first (*cough* copy-paste *cough*), sometimes we get left out in…

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The Good, Bad and (Potentially) Ugly of Facebook Hashtags

Headlines can be misleading. The fact of the matter is that you’ve seen those adorable hashtags (unlinked and unrecognized) on Facebook for years. So news that Facebook Hashtags have arrived should come with a bit of an explanation before we jump into the what it means for marketing and PR. Hashtags have shown up in…

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What Facebook’s News Feed Changes Mean for Marketers and PR Pros

Facebook announced brand new changes to users’ News Feeds, one of the “three pillars” of the Facebook ecosystem, including a new News Feed design, a new mobile News Feed, and more context. Larger Media Focus News Feed has always focused more heavily on text; with these new changes, media such as video and imagery is…

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5 Tips for Facebook Graph Search Optimization

Facebook announced Graph Search today in its press conference, a new form of social search that relies on friends and connected parties to find interesting results. Instead of traversing search archives about topics, Graph Search lets you traverse social networks for people who know about the topics. It should take almost no time for Graph…

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