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5 Tips To Avoid SXSW PR Disasters For Your Brand

As the “spring break for marketers” commences in Austin this weekend, we know there will be one scandalum which will set tongues wagging. If this is your first time attending the event (or any event, really), we would like to offer up our best advice for avoiding a SXSW PR disaster and surviving the event. Lots of eyes are…

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10 tips to ensure a successful webinar

A webinar can seem like it’s not a major event on par with a keynote address – after all, it’s usually just a person, sitting in a closed room talking on the phone, scrolling through a slide deck. No big deal, right? Yet a successful webinar can attract hundreds, even thousands of people to tune…

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Upcoming Webinar: You Have to Like Your Facebook Strategy

Facebook has a legacy of changing its privacy policies to favor advertisers and media over individual privacy, from newsfeed settings… …to search settings… …to who can use your images in advertising… …to even what your data can be used for, such as financial services decisions… And this legacy affects companies and brands as much as…

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The Internet of Things, a Thing at Dreamforce 2013

At Dreamforce 2013 this year, one of the most exciting and compelling displays was in the developer halls at Moscone West, in which a variety of vendors were showcasing the Internet of Things. Watching people wire applications in the cloud to devices right in front of me was fascinating, from a mobile app on the…

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What Event Planning PR Can Learn from the ACA Event in Boston

President Obama will be speaking about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) today in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. The Boston local in me is a little miffed that traffic downtown is going to be unbearable, but PR pro is impressed with the decision. Regardless of your support (or lack thereof) of the ACA, the decision to use Boston…

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Tactics for encouraging change in an organization

At my FutureM talk yesterday, one of the questions on everyone’s mind about any kind of new process, procedure, or methodology is how to get organizations to adopt it. My answer is frequently this: take it for a test drive. Any process or change that should increase your productivity, improve your results, or create some…

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LinkedIn for Business Webinar today

Today at 2 PM Eastern, catch the SHIFT/Vocus webinar on LinkedIn for Businesses. If you’ve struggled to understand (or have a client, boss, or colleague who struggles to understand) how LinkedIn is anything more than a digital resume, then this webinar is for you. Learn the 7 areas of LinkedIn that will help businesses grow,…

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Signal, Meet Noise: Breaking Out of the SXSW Panel Picker Crowd

Social networking, like every other industry, has a networking event it can call its own. Except this one is no small hotel ballroom affair. This one takes over an entire Texas town for five straight days of sunrise-to-probably-well-past-sunset events, official and unofficial, and brings together the biggest brands in interactive media. You better believe that…

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Instagram Adds Video and Video-Specific Filters and Stabilizing Features [Live Blog Recap]

Review our archived coverage of the Facebook Special Event, hosted by SHIFT’s Dave Levy!

SHIFT Wins 8 Bell Ringer Awards

The best PR campaigns are creative, smart and downright ballsy. And last night this fierce-looking table of 8 arrived in Boston to represent Team SHIFT at the 2013 Bell Ringer Awards, hosted by the Publicity Club of New England. It is such an invigorating night – to be recognized for the hard work we do,…

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