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Weekly email newsletters are a must for long sales cycles

When we first started SHIFT’s weekly newsletter, SHIFT Happens, one of the questions I was asked by our leadership team was, why weekly? After all, going from 3 newsletters in 10 years to weekly seemed to be a bit of a jump. Here’s the short and simple reason why: in order to stay top of…

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3 email delivery protocols to help pitches get delivered

One of the things I’m most surprised at as a former email marketing industry professional is how few organizations have taken the time to do the basic setup steps needed for maximum email deliverability. Forget, for a moment, about clever creative, list growth, great pitches, and advanced strategy. So many organizations don’t have their basic…

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Email marketing for PR

Last night, I had the wonderful privilege to guest lecture at UCLA (via Google+ Hangout) to Professor Karl Kasca’s new media class. Our topic of discussion was email marketing as it applies to PR and marketing professionals. Take a look at the slides from last night’s talk, and if you would like to see this…

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The role of email marketing in public relations

Email marketing has been called the digital glue of the social world. There’s a lot of truth to that statement; email is the only reliable push mechanism to reach out to people that works at scale. Certainly, you can direct message someone on Twitter or private message someone on Facebook or pick up the phone…

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