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How to Pitch (and Secure) Broadcast Media

Lights. Camera. Action! This month kicked off with one of our clients being featured LIVE on FOX 2 News Bay Area. The lights were on, the camera was rolling, and the we got major air time amongst the cream-of-the-crop media. They all want it: these top-tier broadcast hits. But how do us PR folks get it?…

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Lights, camera… freeze? How to ace your next interview

Lights, camera… freeze? How to ace your next interview

A version of this post originally appeared on the NATIONAL blog, an AVENIR GLOBAL company. Imagine you’re on live television giving an interview and it happens: The journalist asks a question and you don’t have an answer. For those of us who serve as spokespeople, being caught off guard during an interview is what nightmares are…

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Research Industry Trends

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

While most of us communication pros are ringing in the new year with hefty planning, how seriously are we taking our research? What time and resources are we committing to understanding overall cultural trends and our industry’s current relevant news? Why is this important and how does it impact the bottom line? For starters, we’ll…

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Top Blog Posts Of 2018 Q4

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q4 Content 2018

As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses. When devising a content strategy for a new year, it’s important to take note of what worked (and why) to plan what’s to come next year. Want to see how to…

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3 Categories of PR and Earned Media

All earned media, like all public relations efforts, are not the same. To start thinking about the broad categories of earned media today, let’s go back to basics. Here’s the gist: Broadly, the primary purpose of media is to generate audience, to start buzz, to create awareness. Media brings people to your doorstep, curious to…

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Communicating Through Transformation and Disruption

Why do companies get disrupted? What do insurgent, disrupting companies need to do and say to win market share? How can they fend off painful disruption for profitable disruption? How do they communicate through either path? We are lucky enough to have worked with teams and clients who have dealt with these questions more than…

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Influencer Marketing

Is Scrutiny On Influencer Marketing Compliance Becoming More Intense?

As the adoption of influencer marketing continues to rise, so too does the scrutiny of the practice. For more than a year, the FTC has made it clear to brands and marketers that disclosure is critical. These compliance standards also apply to brands running their programs through ad agencies or public relations firms as they’re…

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digital media era

Does Old Fashion PR Still Have the Magic in the Digital Era?

You might not know Edward Bernays by his name, but if you have a bookshelf at home – congratulations, you’re a “victim” of the late PR guru’s master spinning skills. A bookshelf is an essential piece in most American homes today, whether realizing its intended function as a mini library or simply used as a…

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maximize news

How to Work with Your PR Firm to Maximize News

So far in 2018, 101.9 million articles and 5.6 million news blogs have been published online, according to a search on media analytics tool Sysomos. Through its own newsroom, Facebook issued 31 corporate and 24 product announcements. In 2017, nearly 22,700 venture capital deals were struck according to CrunchBase. What does this all mean? Getting…

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tech giants

Tech Giants Dominated the Media in 2017: Here’s How to Get a Piece of the Action

It’s nearly impossible not to notice that the five Tech Giants – Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook – have steadily eaten up more and more share of the media. With such a big impact on the stock market, it’s natural media would put a large majority of resources (and, consequentially) headlines toward them. And…

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