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Good News Working Moms- Having a Job Will Benefit Your Kids in the Long Run

Good News Working Moms: Having a Job Will Benefit Your Kids in the Long Run

If you’re like me, even though you are proud of your career, and enjoy heading into the office (most days), you still harbor some guilt for leaving your little ones at home each day. It gets especially hard when they are big enough to hang onto your leg while looking at you with pleading eyes…

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Five Years And Counting

Five years and counting: Why I’ve stayed (and will continue to stay) at SHIFT

PR, advertising and the entire marketing industry are revolving doors when it comes to talent, especially when you consider how the workforce has changed in the last decade. Before, job hunters had to jump through a series of interviews to prove their worth to employers. Today, every company is wooing solid talent with perks and…

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How To Stay Active at a Desk Job

Staying Active at a Desk Job

We’ve all been there. You dive into a busy morning with emails, phone calls and meetings, and suddenly you look at the clock and realize you haven’t gotten out of your chair for hours. It’s easy to let the days slip away from us, especially with a hectic schedule in PR. Three years ago, I…

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Back to School – Employee Communication Edition

Back to School – Employee Communication Edition

September is here – and as students go back to school, it’s time for us to follow suit. Let’s take a few minutes to reeducate ourselves on a subject that’s more and more important in the tech-driven, always-on world we live in: employee communication. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Everyone is…

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Company Culture This Summer (with Examples!)

It should come as no surprise that at the heart of every successful company is a booming company culture. These companies understand that their people are their greatest asset – and when their people feel valued and connected to the company’s values, they’re more likely to succeed and even help grow the business. Here at…

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Boston TechJam

Boston TechJam: Lessons in Building Buzz for Events

Editor’s note: All images vis Matt Tetrault/Pretty Instant Since its start six years ago, SHIFT has been a proud founding partner of Boston TechJam, an event led by Mass Technology Leadership Council to bring awareness to and celebrate Greater Boston’s innovation ecosystem. SHIFT’s helps create buzz leading up to the event, to drive ticket sales, sponsorships…

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Why Every Organization Needs to Find New Value in Their Values

When developing content, campaigns and ideas, I spend a lot of my time thinking about audience personas, and specifically, where to find overlapping values. Rarely do I worry about “traditional” demographics, like gender or age or income level. Instead, I like exploring what those demographic categories can lead to on a human level. Because sometimes,…

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working a conference

From Rookie to Pro: Key Takeaways From Working a Conference

Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco to work the 2018 RSA Conference with my fellow SHIFTers. As a rookie on an extremely established and experienced account, I was unsure what to expect while attending the conference. Was there enough coffee in the world to prepare me? Fortunately, yes. However, I did…

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Taking a Pause on Sabbatical

I hate March. After suffering through months of endless darkness and cold, you are greeted each day with a wonderful mix of mud, dirt and ice. In 2018 all of that changed – I went on my first sabbatical. I have been working since I was 12 years-old and can honestly say that I have…

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Thoughts on How to Balance Rest and Adventure on a Sabbatical

Since SHIFT announced its sabbatical program about four years ago, I have been thinking long and hard about what I would do with this precious time off. In fact, in true B2B PR fashion, I often thought about the ROI of the vacation spend: how I could be optimize the time and leverage it for…

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