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Observations from the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos

Observations from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos

World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos is over for another year. The fact that many political leaders and representatives were absent – notably Presidents Trump and Macron, and Prime Minister May – meant the conversations this year centered more around business than in previous years. No matter your opinion about the business elite hobnobbing on the…

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Observations from CES2019-min

Observations from CES 2019

C-E-S. Three letters that strike dread in the hearts of tech communications professionals around the world. Despite losing many holiday breaks to the need to finalize last-minute show logistics over the years, I actually enjoy and – dare I say look forward to – the Consumer Electronics Show. It provides a fresh, shiny (and sometimes…

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Anatomy of an Event

As PR professionals, we often take a deep dive into events – that can include everything from a community fair, to a public product launch, to a gala, and everything in between. However, events aren’t just about fancy tablecloths and sweet swag. It takes a lot to pull off a successful event, especially when media…

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Digital health

What’s Next for Digital Health Investments?

Digital health investments are on the rise and venture funding approached $6 billion in 2017 according to RockHealth. This rise of funding means added noise in the industry, not only from the startups looking to fix healthcare but also from the more traditional tech giants like Amazon and Apple making moves in to the space.…

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Takeaways from PULSE: The Atlantic Summit On Health Care

Monday’s PULSE: The Atlantic Summit On Health Care, similar to any current healthcare events, routinely covered all the major, hot topics in today’s healthcare system, from opioid crisis, and precision medicine, to care costs, with an impressive roster of speakers and panelists sharing their deep thoughts on where healthcare is heading in various areas. Here…

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Making the Most of an Event (and Increase your Conference ROI)

Conference season is upon us, sending millions of executives, innovators, investors and media personnel scurrying across the globe. U.S. residents alone logged more than 450 million trips for business purposes in 2016, with 38 percent for meetings and events. That number only continues to grow as mega-events like CES become, well, even more mega. This…

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Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips for PR Pros

For many of us in the PR agency business, travel can come in waves and totally upend your routine. With conference season upon us, the Mobile World Congress and HIMSS-bound communications pros will be on buses, trains and planes over the next few months. I have been riding that wave over the past several months…

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ibm cdo strategy summit

IBM CDO Strategy Summit Roundup

The IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit, a bi-annual event hosted by IBM, just wrapped up its fall edition. At this event, Chief Data Officers from around the world to discuss and share insights as peers. SHIFT Communications and NATIONAL Public Relations sent a team of three to the Boston CDO Strategy Summit to learn…

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conference marketing header

How to Analyze Conference Data For Marketing and PR

Conferences are amazing, rich sources of information; by their very nature, they bring an industry’s audience together in one location. One of the services we provide to clients is the ability to investigate a conference or event for marketing communications purposes. The Value of Conference Data What happens when we bring a crowd of like-minded…

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