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trade shows

Taking the Stage at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a lot like music festivals – highly anticipated events that draw thousands of fans to see top brands perform. Like a music genre, the industry subject matter attracts and unites, giving sponsors the luxury of playing to an educated, interested audience. Targeting refined groups is nothing new – most marketing tactics do…

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brand messaging

How to Develop Brand Messaging

A brand’s story is at the core of every media pitch, every meeting, and every opportunity to communicate. Defining that story so that it is conveyed in a creative, compelling and concise manner is at the heart of a brand’s messaging platform. Who are we? What do we stand for? What makes us unique? Where…

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What is Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology. You’ve heard the term in presentations. You’ve seen it in industry news. It’s changing marketing forever. But you still may be left wondering, “What IS marketing technology?” In short: Marketing met IT and marketing technology is their offspring. Let’s examine the corporate strategic landscape to understand what marketing technology is. In the chart…

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The Importance of Media Training at the Olympics

We are just under 100 days away from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The games officially begin on Friday, August 5th lasting until Sunday, August 21st. Along with dazzling displays of athleticism, you’ll also get to witness another time-honored Olympic tradition – corporate branding. And while the stadiums, clothing, and merchandise will…

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Content Marketers: Stop Doing 70% of What You’re Doing

I know, I know. Heresy. You’re all about CONTENT MARKETING, right? You’re a master at INBOUND MARKETING, eh? That’s awesome. I am a whole-hearted believer in what you’re doing. I just wish you’d do a lot less of it. The increasing Content Shock that we all felt (but didn’t have a name for, until Mark…

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The Relevancy Filter: Your Brand’s Strategic Guide for Mastering Instagram’s New Algorithm

On March 15th, Instagram announced its most impactful filter yet: an algorithm which sorts your feed by the moments you care about most. The decision, which will be implemented in the “coming months,” comes as no surprise; Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has long mastered its own algorithm for monetization. The opportunity is ripe to increase…

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public apologies

Effective Public Apologies

“I’m sorry.” Why are these two simple words sometimes so hard for corporations to utter when they’ve made a mistake? Often times it’s because of the illogical thinking that accompanies it: most top executives are loathe to admit they’ve made a mistake (or that their company failed its customers in some manner) because they view…

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How DOES Mobile Change The Brandscape?

Today, with over 2 billion smartphones in use, the ways in which consumers experience brands is fundamentally different. This is no fad – it is projected that by 2020, 80% of adults on Earth will have a smart phone. The way we think of the “internet” as a place for brands must fundamentally change to…

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Don’t Be Outdated: Why It’s Important to Refresh Your Models

It’s becoming more fashionable to claim that your PR and marketing is “data-driven,” but what exactly does that mean? It means we evaluate our situation honestly, using the most unbiased tools at our disposal. This often means using data about our current market or audience to create a model. A model is simply a substitute…

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Why Your Brand Should Be on Tumblr

You’ve heard of Twitter’s little blue bird, but what about Tumblr’s little white T? Tumblr is an emerging content platform that’s a blog/social media hybrid. You can post text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos – like many other social platforms. What separates Tumblr from the rest of the pack, and why should your brand…

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