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National Health IT Week

National Health IT Week: A Look at Healthcare in 2030

In celebration of National Health IT Week, the SHIFT Communications Healthcare Team took to the streets (figuratively speaking) to gather insights from some of the leading minds in healthcare. We asked industry experts and veterans like Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Chief Medical Office at Dell, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist and contributor to the Huffington…

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Trade Show Marketing

The Modern Guide to Trade Show Marketing

Marketers are continually looking to improve ROI, and in the recent past have leaned heavily on online and social tools to drive efficient and measurable results. The one area in the marketing mix that seems to escape refined measurement (and takes substantial budget!) is trade shows. Companies still feel the pull of the trade show…

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Cultivating Influence: Identify, Reach, and Engage Influencers

Influencer marketing is much more than who has the largest number of followers. In our new eBook, Cultivating Influence, we’ll explore influencer management and marketing in depth: Why does influence matter? Is it really worth our time? In an ever-changing digital landscape, the influencer may keep us afloat. What is influence? We look back to…

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The State of Social Media: a new eBook from SHIFT

Few things matter more to digital marketers than social media. In just a decade, social media has become one of the dominant marketing and communications channels. Only the mobile revolution has grown faster than social media. To better understand how social media changed in 2014, SHIFT Communications examined publicly traded social media companies throughout the…

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Free eBook for Social Good: Tap to Market Mobile Marketing

A short time ago, SHIFT Communications was pleased to participate in the United Way’s Youth Venture Conference as part of our charitable work to stay connected to our community. One aspect of that event was for several staff members to take on the task of presenting different sessions to youth leaders in social entrepreneurship from…

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New SHIFT eBook: How Social Media Broke PR (and how to fix it)

In the past, PR and marketing had a clearly defined, specific process to generate attention: work with media gatekeepers and get clients the “hits”. We hit our Rolodexes, sent in bylined articles, maybe even worked with the ad department for some newspaper ads and TV/radio spots. If we were lucky, the gatekeepers would allow us…

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