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In-House vs Agency- Three Differences From Experience

In-House vs. Agency: Three Differences From Experience

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like working for a company’s internal marketing department (In-house) vs at an agency promoting other companies, read on! Although the goals are similar overall, to increase business and maintain their brand, there are differences in culture and procedures. I’ve worked both, promoting the company I worked at and the…

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Working Remotely- How to Remain Proactive & Productive

Working Remotely: How to Remain Proactive & Productive

Working remotely is nothing new. In fact, recent IWG data reveals that 70 percent of professionals across industries work remotely at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. The same study found more than 90 percent of respondents felt flexible workspaces enable employees to be…

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Top Blog Posts Of 2018 Q3

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q3 Content 2018

As the year comes to a close, we like to analyze the SHIFT archives to learn what content performed best. It’s important to see what worked and what didn’t work to plan for the new year to come. Want to see how to analyze your own blog? Here’s how. The best of Q3 2018 focused…

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'Tis the Season To Give Back

‘Tis The Season To Give Back

Each year the end-of-year holiday season seems to begin a little earlier. Last year it was in full force mid-November and this year, holiday wreaths and ornaments were being put on shelves alongside the Halloween candy. And while a longer holiday season means more time to shop for gifts for friends and family, it also…

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PR Panel Recap Agency Life And What It Takes To Thrive In The Industry

PR Panel Recap: An evening discussing agency life and what it takes to thrive in the industry

When I began studying Communication and Public Relations in college, I quickly realized how important it was to surround myself with and seek out the advice from those already in the field. Whether it was attending my school’s PRSSA events and workshops or finding a mentor at an internship, I remember how much I valued…

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Good News Working Moms- Having a Job Will Benefit Your Kids in the Long Run

Good News Working Moms: Having a Job Will Benefit Your Kids in the Long Run

If you’re like me, even though you are proud of your career, and enjoy heading into the office (most days), you still harbor some guilt for leaving your little ones at home each day. It gets especially hard when they are big enough to hang onto your leg while looking at you with pleading eyes…

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Agency Life interview

Agency Life: An Interview with Julie Staadecker

What does it take to climb the ranks at a PR agency? Creativity, perseverance and initiative, according to Julie Staadecker, a vice president in Boston’s consumer practice. Julie got her start in PR straight out of college as an Account Coordinator and never looked back — taking the Boston PR scene by storm and quickly…

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Axon Communications Turns 15!

November marks 15 years that AXON Communications, an AVENIR GLOBAL firm, has been serving some of the largest healthcare companies in the UK and beyond. Ranked one of the top five largest healthcare communications consultancies in the UK, AXON launched in 2003 when International Managing Partner Ralph Sutton got started in his own home —…

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Diversity in the Workplace: It’s a Grassroots Effort

Diversity in the Workplace: It’s a Grassroots Effort and it Begins with You

If you’re a working professional, there’s a 99 percent chance (not a proven statistic) you’ve heard the word “diversity” mentioned at work at some point or another. High-five if you were the one to bring it up! There’s always more that can be done to advance the state of diversity in every industry. I was…

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Five Years And Counting

Five years and counting: Why I’ve stayed (and will continue to stay) at SHIFT

PR, advertising and the entire marketing industry are revolving doors when it comes to talent, especially when you consider how the workforce has changed in the last decade. Before, job hunters had to jump through a series of interviews to prove their worth to employers. Today, every company is wooing solid talent with perks and…

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