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When Thought Leadership Drives Lead Generation

Every company wants more leads, right? Influencing a target audience to meet a goal or take action is the heart of public relations. In a recent SHIFT blog, our VP of Marketing Tech, Chris Penn, answered the question ‘what is thought leadership?’. In simple terms it’s a recognition created by others that someone is an…

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Considering PR? Remember, Content is King

Carefully considering the right marketing or public relations strategy is vital. My colleague, Jess Crawford, recently blogged about When to Wait on Investing in a PR Program and this blog will briefly explore content, but let’s take a look into why content is so crucial for PR efforts and it is truly the King. Content…

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Social Media in Healthcare

Social Media in Healthcare: Why Instagram is its Best Kept Secret

Instagram, the lesser known tool behind social media in healthcare and widespread photo sharing social platform, has an average of 500 million monthly active users and growing. The applications of this platform are endless, but it’s proving to be a fruitful podium for the healthcare industry.  Whether Instagram is providing future medical students the opportunity to follow…

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Healthcare PR

Healthcare PR: Companies Tip their Hat to Tech to Boost Millennial Engagement

As stated in part one of our series on best practices for engaging millennials using healthcare PR strategy, we delved into the various ways companies – particularly insurers – can better engage the “always on” workforce. Clearly, millennials are a tech-savvy generation – they grew up with it! This particular generation expects a lot when…

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Communications Preparations for the ACA

In the next few days, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is set to rule on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and whether subsidies are declared illegal and pulled from the millions of newly insured Americans, or if subsidies are preserved. As background, a healthcare subsidy lowers the amount of money spent on…

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