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Brand Existence Amid Heightened Activism & Awareness

The climate today is unlike anything we have seen in a long time. Through the pandemic and recent activism people, at large, have been awakened – awakened to their role in community and politics, awakened to their wellbeing and awakened to a reshaped value and belief system. The convergence of COVID-19 and heightened citizenry has…

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Now is the Time to Revisit SEO Strategy

Though consumer behavior has changed drastically as a result of COVID-19, the desire to remain informed holds steady — making search a more important channel than ever before. SEO strategy may indeed help brands forge ahead. As the COVID-19 pandemic heightened, organic search spiked as people looked for timely news on the virus and how…

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bellringer awards shift communications

SHIFT Wins 10 Communications Awards

It was an exciting week last week for everyone here at SHIFT as the PR Club of New England announced its 52nd Annual Bell Ringer Awards winners. We’re proud to share that our teams netted 10 awards in what’s a very competitive program recognizing the best of PR and marketing campaigns in the New England…

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Our Response in Support of Racial Justice and Ongoing Commitment to Change

As a communications company, we help clients talk for our living. Now we find ourselves at a loss for words.   Racism in America doesn’t start and stop with policing and police culture. George Floyd is but one of countless black people who have been singled out, profiled, judged, attacked, falsely arrested and/or killed for no other reason than the fact that they aren’t white.   We let this happen. And we continue to…

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Coronavirus News

Coronavirus Daily Digest: What Businesses Need to Know – March-May 2020

To help businesses stay up to date on COVID-19, SHIFT compiled a Coronavirus news scan from March through the end of May, as well as helpful resources: May 28, 2020 Another 2.1 million file jobless claims, but total unemployed shrinks, CNBC Jobless claims continue to plunge and persist, even as states have begun reopening. Fashion…

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ripple effect covid-19

The ‘Ripple Effect’ of COVID-19 pandemic on clinical trials

Clinical trials are the engine room that powers our ability to deliver new treatment options to patients. The rigorous testing and resulting data that help us understand how new treatments work are what propels our industry forward. But the engine room has flipped a switch. Governments have brought in various measures to reduce the number…

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post-pandemic planning

Post-Pandemic Planning: What Worked Before Won’t Work After

Though many of us are still grappling with real-time communications and decisions, a new reality with lasting changes awaits us on the other end of the pandemic. Even as the economy begins to re-open, business will look different. Consumer behaviors have shifted radically and rapidly. Our advice is simple. Don’t assume that what worked in…

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brand reinvention plant sprouting

Brand Reinvention: Considerations for Now & Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has required unparalleled business agility. Businesses have had to navigate the knowns, unknowns and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. They’ve had to adjust marketing plans to ensure appropriate, timely and empathetic communications and solutions – external and internal. These short-term changes are only the beginning of what will be required of brands to…

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remote broadcast interview

How to Conduct a Remote Broadcast Interview

A broadcast interview is a tremendous awareness-building opportunity. It provides broad reach to key audiences. It validates a company and its spokespeople as thought and market leaders. Often, these opportunities come with little advance warning, tied to breaking news. Experts must quickly ready themselves for in-studio interviews. At times, interviews take place remotely, via video…

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covid-19 rules of engagement

Rules of engagement in the time of COVID-19: A brand’s responsibilities

The world is navigating uncharted waters as the COVID-19 crisis evolves on an hourly basis. Much has been written about how brands have responded, from ethical acts of generosity (such as the decision of many major retailers to close stores while paying full wages to staff) to failed marketing stunts that will tarnish reputations long…

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