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Music and Productivity: Find the Perfect Tunes for Work

It’s just one of those days. You just chugged your third coffee and still feel like you woke up three seconds ago. Sometimes what you put in your ears is the only way to get that thing between your ears firing. This well-known study found that productivity of participants were most productive while music was…

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real time marketing

Real-Time Marketing Tips for the Super Bowl

The Big Game is finally here! In just a couple of days, the Patriots and Eagles will face off in Super Bowl LII. As a marketing professional, you’re probably salivating at the social media opportunities the big game presents as much as you’re salivating for those halftime snacks. But if you’re like me, you don’t…

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holiday marketing

Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s that time of year again! Where Christmas music starts to besiege mainstream radio and you start getting irrationally angry at random strangers setting up their Christmas lights too early. But it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday marketing strategies. In fact, you’ve probably been thinking about them for months now. If you’re a little behind in your holiday planning, don’t sweat it. These…

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The Data-Driven Now That’s What I Call Music! Guide

This post is a collaboration between trendy, very stylish Millennial marketing analyst Nick Patterson and grumpy old GenXer Christopher Penn. NP: Who remembers the good ole days of taking a trip to the local F.Y.E., snagging the latest and greatest version of the Now That’s What I Call Music! CD, and popping that puppy in…

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Google AdWords Ad Extensions

AdWords 201: The Go-To AdWords Ad Extensions Guide

Hey there! Welcome to AdWords 201 on AdWords ad extensions. If you missed the 101 course on basic AdWords bidding strategies, have a thirst for knowledge, or just need a refresher you can find it here. What is an ad extension, you ask? Ad extensions expand your ad with additional information that would not otherwise…

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LinkedIn All Star

8 Easy Steps to Reach LinkedIn All Star Status

In a few, simple steps you can have something in common with LeBron James and Tom Brady. You can be an All Star. Yes, you. Unfortunately, this post isn’t going to teach you how to be an All Star in the NBA or NFL. Sorry if I got your hopes up. BUT, it will teach…

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Twitter tips

Twitter Tips: Crafting The Right Tweet

Ever get here and just totally draw a blank? …or do you get here, draft and send a tweet you think is absolutely stellar, then don’t see the results you were expecting? If you said ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or unfortunately both of them, today is your lucky day, friend. Long copy or short copy?…

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Chance the Rapper

Grammy Award Winning Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Chance the Rapper by now, then unfortunately for you you’re living under a rock (sorry grandma). At the young age of 23, Chance recently cemented his mark in music industry history at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Chance became the first independent artist to win a Grammy. He won a…

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AdWords Bidding 101

Why, hello there! Welcome to AdWords Bidding 101. As your professor, I will be giving you a crash course on the three basic AdWords bidding strategies and which to choose to reach your wildest digital marketing hopes and dreams. Why is this important? Any PR program can be supplemented with digital advertising – examples include…

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