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Kanban Methodology

Agile Management: Kanban Methodology for Public Relations Teams

You have tons of stuff to do and are struggling to keep you and your team organized. Your client has a list of things a mile long and everyday feels like you’re making no progress. Have you considered trying a Kanban methodology board? Kanban is a method of managing a project team and their workload…

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The 80/20 Rule

Marketing and PR Innovation: The 80/20 Rule

Public Relations and Marketing are fast paced industries. I have days (weeks, really) where it’s non-stop from the moment I open my eyes in the morning all the way through to closing them again at night. Days fly by and I have to ask myself, “did I accomplish anything?” I’ve been asking myself that question…

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How Digital Marketing Technology has Affected PR

If you’re working in the public relations field you may have noticed that there are increasingly more tools and data points at your disposal. In the past few years, PR has been able to leverage digital marketing technology tools and techniques. Take for example, the way that businesses are evolving to keep in constant contact…

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SWOT analysis

Think You Don’t Need a SWOT Analysis? Think Again.

You’ve probably heard the term “SWOT,” but maybe you’re not totally sure what it is or why you should care about it. A SWOT analysis is an easy way to get yourself organized when developing an actionable plan. What is a SWOT analysis? SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This structured planning…

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Managing Across Industries: Three Things to Steal from Engineers for Marketing Technology

I came to SHIFT almost a year ago after working 10+ years managing engineers and the software/system development life cycle (SDLC) as a Technical Product Manager. As I’ve stepped into the Marketing Technology team here at SHIFT (believe it or not), I’ve noticed quite a few skills that transfer between engineering and marketing. Marketing Technologists…

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Are Clichés Killing How You Communicate?

At the end of the day, are you so in the weeds with using clichés instead of thinking outside the box and circling back to the low hanging fruit? In my opinion, let’s put a stake in the ground, manage expectations and eat our own dog food. Huh? Are we too reliant on clichés that…

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How to Find a 10x Marketer – Part 4: It’s a Wrap!

Once you determine that you need a 10x Marketer, its time to figure out where to find one. Do you try to hire and onboard or do you train from within the organization? Plan to build up the skill set in house. Here’s why: While there is no hard and fast data, multiple independent studies report…

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How to find a 10x Marketer – Part 3: Hard Skills

10x marketers are rare. You can expect to pay more but get more. A 10x marketer is a jack-of-all trades. Many people don’t spend their time learning a lot of different things, but rather focus on being an expert in one main area. This is what makes a 10x marketer unique. In a pinch, this…

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How to Find a 10x Marketer, Part 2: Intangibles

In part one of this series, we covered the concept of a 10x Marketer and why you need one. Now, what qualities and skills really make a 10x Marketer? It would be easy to list out the skills that you would find on a typical job description, but it’s not enough to look for someone…

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How to find a 10x Marketer, Part 1: Introduction

As the Digital Marketing and Data Driven PR environments become more competitive, your goal should be staying one step ahead of your competition. You have all the latest tools, read all the industry publications, and know all the big players. Now you need a team to work harder, better, faster, and stronger. You need a 10x…

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