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The Shultz Hour

In April, David Leonhardt at the New York Times wrote a column about the need to take a Shultz hour. For those unfamiliar, it comes from George Shultz, who was the Secretary of State under President Reagan. The concept is to carve out one hour a week to sit undisturbed with a pen and paper…

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NYC PR MythBusters

Having spent the entirety of my PR career in NYC, there are a number of idiosyncrasies about this town that can sometimes plague a newbie or someone trying to plan a media tour or new business pitch from out of town. For this edition of NYC PR MythBusters, a couple of logistical sticking points and…

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writer's block

Overcoming Writer’s Block at a Moment’s Notice

Let’s get meta. I literally asked my team what I should write about for this blog post and Stephanie Siano, an esteemed account coordinator on our tech/B2B team, said I should write about how to overcome writer’s block. Ha ha. Well, after three aborted attempts at writing something else, I decided to take her advice…

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How to be a Media Expert

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read. Clients expect us to be media experts. The only way to deliver on this is to actually ingest the news on a daily basis. When I’m interviewing a prospective candidate for a junior-PR position, my go-to question every time is “what do you read?” It’s a simple…

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Incorporating the Media Business Model into Pitches

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at outbound media pitches and reconsidering the way we should be approaching media. As PR professionals, we tend to fall into a comfortable pattern. We’re given a piece of news from a client and, based upon our knowledge of the media, we shape up a pitch. As…

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A Quick Guide to Getting Comfortable at a Networking Event

Networking comes up quite a bit on this blog, because quite honestly, it’s a harrowing situation — especially if you are a junior or unseasoned PR professional. When your agency foots the bill for you to go to a professional mixer or meetup, they have an unreasonable expectation that you’ll actually talk to another human…

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PR Needs to Delve Deep(er) into Digital Video

Last week, I was afforded the chance to wear a sharp suit coat and attend a Publicity Club of New York luncheon on the rise of digital video. (Wait. Wait. This isn’t an ad-tech post. Please come back.) This was a publisher-centric panel, with editors from Mashable, FT, WSJ, Fast Company, Vox and USA Today, discussing…

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