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Does Your Client’s Event Have PR Value? A Strategic Checklist

“We’re hosting an event. Will you come?” – Client A seemingly easy question, with a not-so-easy-answer. Yes, getting out of the office to attend a client event may seem like a welcomed change, but it could also lead to headaches down the road if you’re not thinking about the event strategically. So, before you say…

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Public Relations Program

Hold the Presses: When to Wait on Investing in a Public Relations Program

Public relations is an undeniably valuable tool for any business. For a start-up, the idea of seeing the company’s name in lights is appealing, and even for well-established businesses, public relations provides an opportunity to influence their audiences. But despite the value of PR, it’s not always the best strategy or investment. Some companies just…

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Turning Hand-Me-Downs into Healthcare Hits

There is almost always going to be another company that is more innovative, taking a new approach or has more acquisitions. In other words, sometimes a client just isn’t worthy of the news that they so badly want to be a part of. The healthcare industry is unique in that it is simultaneously at the…

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