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When Great Headline Writing Isn’t Enough

Thanks to the many intense pressures existing in digital advertising, media and content marketing, the importance of a good headline has grown exponentially in recent years. Taking the media example, 20 years ago an attention grabbing headline was important to capture a reader’s attention and engage them, but they had already bought the newspaper! Now,…

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managing global risks

Crisis Comms: How financial services PR pros can manage global risks

The World Economic Forum recently released its annual Global Risks Report. The report charts ten years of the largest risks to global stability, both in terms of likelihood of occurrence and also in terms of potential impact. It won’t surprise anybody within financial services communications to know that, in terms of both likelihood and impact,…

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international content marketing

Will it Play In Peoria and Cut it in Cape Town? Five Tips for Mastering International Content Marketing

We live in strange times right now. Western nations seem to be undergoing acrobatic feats of existential soul-searching on if the future lies in greater or less global collaboration. Brexit sent shockwaves around the world, and ongoing discussions about immigration and free trade are bringing the value of globalization into question for some. While it’s…

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Four Centuries Later: Marketing Inspiration from Shakespeare

Tomorrow marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Legend has it that he shuffled off this mortal coil thanks in part to a massive drinking session with fellow playwright Ben Jonson. But aside from serving as a cautionary tale against the dangers of binge drinking, the Bard has so much more to impart to the…

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Europe’s GDPR Regulation Could Mean a Crisis Comms Waking Nightmare

If a butterfly flaps its wings it can cause a typhoon on the other side of the globe. So says chaos theory’s famous butterfly effect concept, designed to illustrate that one small change can change everything. Thanks to ever increasing globalization, we’re susceptible here in the U.S. to the flapping wings of legislators all over…

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Native Advertising: Should PR Shore Up the Defenses or Lead an Expeditionary Force?

With a host of media, advertising and adtech companies on the roster, many of our teams at SHIFT are grappling with stories relating to how native advertising is impacting these industries. But we have probably thought a little less about how it is affecting our own corner of marketing land. According to an Advertising Age…

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How to Conquer the World: Lessons Learned from Global PR Campaigns

As an Englishman plying his trade in the United States (a vastly less glamorous version of Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard!), I’ve come to recognize George Bernard Shaw’s wisdom on a daily, if not hourly, basis: we are two nations divided by a common language. Every day my colleagues in Boston are both amused and…

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The Craftsmanship of PR: Beyond Selling

Yesterday my colleague Chris Penn took a look at the similarities between the job processes within sales and PR and made, as ever, a number of highly pertinent points. In the spirit of open dialogue at SHIFT, however, I wanted to offer a thought about the value-add of PR beyond the sales process. Certainly “selling”…

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