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How Social Media has Changed Traditional Media

The way we absorb and communicate information and news online has changed drastically since social media was born. For one, traditional media is no longer a one-way avenue of communication: now, consumers can participate in the conversation and influence the news. Social media has also allowed news to be accessed in real time, for instance…

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The Power of Human Interaction

In a world where we communicate through text messaging, social media and emails, we often forget the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Being able to edit, alter, or filter anything we send to another person or group may seem like a blessing, but ultimately it can become a curse if you don’t pepper in human interaction.…

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Adding User Generated Content to Your Social Media Plan

One of the most creative and useful strategies in social media these days is to utilize user generated social content (UGC). From DMOs like Hawaii (client) to companies like Coca-Cola, many brands have leveraged UGC to more smartly engage with their customers and audiences, and also to cultivate beautiful content in order to enhance their…

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5 Ways to Hit the Refresh Button

One of my favorite things about working at SHIFT is that we’re encouraged to move beyond the bread and butter and indulge the most off-the-wall ideas. We’re constantly challenged with thinking outside the box, but sometimes our day-to-day routines get us caught in a rut, leaving us feeling stifled and out of creative ideas. Luckily,…

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