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LinkedIn Analytics

How to Use LinkedIn Analytics

Previously, we walked through Twitter’s analytics platform, and today I wanted to take a similar dive into LinkedIn’s free Analytics offering. If you run a company page for your business or brand, you may have noticed the little LinkedIn Analytics button on your page. Let’s look at what LinkedIn Analytics offers and how you can…

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An Exec’s Guide to LinkedIn: Quick Tips For Boosting Presence

As a redhead, I hate to use this term … but many people have come to view LinkedIn as the red-headed stepchild of the core social networks. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram dominate daily life on social media for everyday users. But when it comes to business, it’s hard to argue that LinkedIn doesn’t provide value.…

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Instagram For Business: Are You Missing Out?

Instagram as a social business tool is not a novel concept by any means. 48.8% of brands have embraced it as a key player in their social media strategy; that number is expected to rise to nearly 71% in 2017. For businesses outside of the consumer space, it can be difficult to map out how…

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crisis communications prep

Crisis Communications in a 24/7 News Cycle: How to Prepare

The phrase “24/7 news cycle” feels cliché at this point, doesn’t it? It’s no longer a novel issue but a way of life. Tweets go live seconds after an incident happens – sometimes even before a company realizes what’s occurred. Before they know it, it spreads like wildfire and spirals into a full blown crisis.…

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Public Relations Majors

What Should Public Relations Majors Really Be Studying in School?

Oh, college. I look back on my university years fondly. (Go Terriers!) We put a lot of money into going to school and getting a degree, and it’s often interesting to look back and see which courses really prepped us for post-grad life. As I thought about it – some of my answers surprised me…

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stay productive

How To Stay Productive In the Summer: Remote Edition

Picture this: The sun is hot. The days are long. You breathe in the ocean air as the beach beckons you. Summer is here and it feels oh-so-good … … then your desk phone rings and snaps you out of your summer daze. A harsh reminder that you’re still at work for another few hours…

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Are you using live video?

How to Incorporate Live Video Into Your Social Strategy

Video is the social media man of the hour. It is the Hiddleswift of social. (Ugh, I know. Why did I go there?) Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is paying attention to it. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than all three major US TV networks combined have created in 30 years.…

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Dear Brand, This Tool Isn’t For You. And That’s Okay.

Let’s face it: many brands are guilty of shiny object syndrome when it comes to social networks. Snapchat?! We definitely need to be on that. Ello? No idea what that is, but sign us up & develop a content strategy for it stat! Remember Peach? More brands probably hopped on the short-lived Peach bandwagon than…

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Quick & Easy Ways to Measure Snapchat Engagement: Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of 2 of a quick look at Snapchat. In Part 1, we looked at how popular the app has become. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I too was a Snapchat denier. “It’s useless,” I would say. “I don’t get the point at all. I’ll never use it.” Fast…

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customer retention

Calling All Marketers: Don’t Forget About Customer Retention

Question for you: do you often meet people, become friends and then completely abandon them? If you answered that with a ‘yes’, well, you’re a pretty awful friend. Anyway, there’s a point to this. A recent Demand Metric survey sponsored by Salesforce found that marketers feel most confident in their ability to drive awareness and…

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