The 5th Gear – Week of 9/30/13

One of SHIFT’s 7 core values are connected which means much more than just having a full Address Book app on your phone. Connected means knowing what’s going on, knowing what’s worth reading and sharing. Here are the top 5 most interesting reads that SHIFTers found this past week.

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The 2013 PR 50: The Best Public Relations People In The Tech Industry

Nicole Bestard (SHIFT Account Director) on why you should read this story: Good tips on what it takes to get the media to not only trust, but respect and listen to your ideas.


How your ‘cool’ boss is killing your career

Cathy Summers (Vice President) on why you should read this story:  As parent and a boss, I can identify with this article. Being cool isn’t the right path for managers. Your job is to help employees perform as a high level and remove any obstacles in the way. It involves providing tough feedback and having uncomfortable conversations. It is not about being cool, friendly and overly permissive.


Penguin 5, With The Penguin 2.1 Spam-Filtering Algorithm, Is Now Live

Chris Penn (Vice President) on why you should read this story:  Google announced via its Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts that the fifth iteration of its Penguin anti-webspam algorithm has gone live over the past week. Penguin specifically targets web pages of little to no value, from automatically generated pages (such as making your own copy of Wikipedia and then stuffing it with links to your site) to press releases that are stuffed with links to anything that Google deems to be of no redeeming value. 1% of inquiries, or up to 60 million inquiries, per day will be affected by this new change.

The takeaway for marketers is to further discontinue any programs you have running which focus on low value SEO tactics. The foundation of good SEO as well as good marketing is in great content that people would want to share whether or not there was a Google search engine; if that’s not your SEO strategy, Penguin is likely coming for you.


Creating A Salesforce For Products In Africa By Turning Young People Into Salespeople

Chel (Senior Marketing Analyst) on why you should read this story:  Two young women went to Nairobi and asked the young people there what they needed to succeed and create jobs for themselves.  The answers they got may surprise you. What they did with the information will inspire you. Creating a company named Livelyhoods, they employed those kids and taught them to sell high quality goods and technology in the slums.


The Shutdown Is Making Washington 🙁

Danielle Coe (Account Executive) on why you should read this story: Slate measured the change in the ratio of emoticons in different cities to show that Washington, DC is not happy about the Shutdown.


Be inspired by people doing wonderful things this week!

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


Posted on October 7, 2013 in Agency Life, Community, Culture, News, SEO

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