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One of SHIFT’s 7 core values are connected which means much more than just having a full Address Book app on your phone. Connected means knowing what’s going on, knowing what’s worth reading and sharing. Here’s the interesting reads that SHIFTers found this past week.

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I explain the @Horse_ebooks story to my mom

Dave (Senior Account Manager) on why you should read this story:

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Courtesy of @Horse_ebooks

On Tuesday morning, President Obama was addressing the UN on a range of important topics. I don’t know exactly which ones because my Twitter feed was completely clogged by the clamor from news and digital media influencers who were flabbergasted by an unrelated revelation brought forth by The New Yorker: a massively followed, really odd, seemingly automated Twitter account called @Horse_ebooks was no digital fortune cookie, but a performance art piece by two NYC technology guys.

It’s rabidly challenging to explain why this story was so huge across the NY media, but it struck a nerve to the point that people who knew wanted to talk about it but you never really felt comfortable asking if someone else knew what you were talking about – case and point, and perhaps the single best overview of Twitter, @Horse_ebooks and attention span you could ever ask for, was an amazing explanation that SBNation Knicks’ blogger Seth Rosenthal gave his mother and then shared with the world.


Why Most Startups Don’t ‘Get’ Press

Sarah on why you should read this story: “Why Most Startups Don’t ‘Get’ Press” is a great read for companies just embarking on PR, with our without an agency, or even for those who are established to revisit the original purpose of their communications’ programs. The blogger shares Brooke Hammerling’s playbook – which all starts with the message, and boiling it down to its simplest form. She says, “PR isn’t about hits, it isn’t about placement — it isn’t ‘You pay us and we’ll get you a clip here or a mention on that blog.’ And it isn’t about a first-day bump that gets no traction. It’s about focusing your voice. It’s about finding your place in the market.”

Read this article to get an idea of the important questions to ask when creating messaging, what elements to consider when crafting a PR plan, how to get on the media’s radar, how to prep for media interviews and more!


Allstate Bringing Mayhem To Twitter

Katie (Account Cooridnator) on why you should read this story:  This week, Allstate announced that it will bring the ever popular “Mayhem” mascot to its social channels. Lisa Cochrane, Allstate Integrated Marketing Communications senior vice president, said that “Twitter is perfect for Mayhem … Mayhem, like Twitter, is everywhere, all the time.” Following Twitter, Mayhem’s character will soon be introduced to Allstate’s Instagram, Vine, Facebook and YouTube accounts as well. Editor’s note: This shall be fun. And genius. But fun.


Amazon Creates a Press Release in 14 Tweets

Chel (Senior Marketing Analyst) on why you should read this story:  While this spurred more than a few stories about press releases dying once again, it’s representative of how much social has changed our world online. The real question is: is this more helpful to a journalist who wanted to write about the story as a press release? I’m keeping a lookout on a story about that.


Panera CEO Ron Shaich on his experience living on food stamps

Chris (VP of Marketing Technology) on why you should read this story: Hunger is something that occurs far too often for far too many people and doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Shaich set out to bring both attention and a challenge to his readers, “when there are upwards of 48 million Americans who go to bed hungry, how can we stand back and refuse to help those genuinely in need?



That’s a wrap. We hope you have a wonderful week!

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst

Photo Credit: roberthuffstutter via Compfight cc


Posted on September 30, 2013 in News, Press Release, Technology, Twitter

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