4 Secrets About Summertime PR

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The lazy, hazy days of summer are upon the business world. Every email you send garners multiple out of office responses. Phones go unanswered. Voicemail messages indicate week long absences. It seems like the world is on vacation. With conditions like that, why even bother with public relations, right?

Except you couldn’t be more wrong. Summer is one of the absolute best times for public relations work for a variety of reasons.

1. No one is out of the office all of the time. When people are in the office, they can be more receptive to conversations because their inboxes aren’t exploding as much as during the spring and fall months.

2. The news cycle slows down, especially for B2B. As business slows down, so do hot stories. Publishers looking to maintain content and interest may be more receptive to your stories than they are when their editorial calendars are overflowing with items that need coverage.

3. Summer is a great time to build and strengthen your professional relationships. Want more time with your favorite sources or favorite outlets? Ask them for an afternoon meeting on a Friday at the local watering hole. People enjoy leaving work early on business, and the relationships that you strengthen now in the slow months will reap huge rewards in the busy times.

4. Most important, there’s a good chance your competitors are taking it easy. They or their agency may not be pitching as hard. Their content marketing well might have run a bit dry. Seize the day and seize the attention and awareness of the folks who are still around!

Let everyone else go on vacation. Keep your foot on the pedal and make summertime work for you!

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology

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Posted on June 26, 2013 in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy

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