How Social Media Broke PR eBook

ebook_2bLife as a PR professional and traditional marketer used to be easy. In the old days, public relations was simply a matter of taking our pitches and our dollars to the media gatekeepers. We’d take out an advertisement in the newspaper. We would get a radio spot, get a 30 second spot on television, pay a million bucks for a Superbowl ad, and the gatekeepers would guarantee us access to their audiences.

Social media broke the traditional media model in one fundamental way: traditional media organizations are no longer the gatekeepers of audiences and the arbiters of information. They no longer have a monopoly on what gets seen, heard, or shared. At best, their publication of a story validates a particular piece of information or story. At worst, they are simply redundant.

How can your brand keep up with the rapidly changing landscape? How can you make these new channels work for you, rather than against you? Download your copy of How Social Media Broke PR today and learn:

  • 3 core social media behaviors your content MUST elicit
  • How search marketing is being influenced by social media
  • A step-by-step case study of a successful earned/owned/paid promotion with only a $500 budget

Download How Social Media Broke PR now and start making your media work for you! There are two ways to get it:

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How Social Media Broke PR

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