PR and the Google Customer Journey

Google’s ‘Customer Journey to Online Purchase’ insight tool provides marketers and communicators with insights into how their industry’s customers make decisions. But, what if your company’s data doesn’t exactly map to the generic model? A mom and pop retail corner store and a massive conglomerate big-box store both fall under the same general business category in the eyes of Google, despite two very different business models. That’s where we come in.

In SHIFT’s next volume of the Marketing Insights Series, PR and the Google Customer Journey, we share our Data-Driven Customer Journey model for consumer brands. Our individualized model blends an industry’s generic model with an organization’s unique data, using tools like Google Analytics, social media analytics and advanced statistical tools.

SHIFT’s Data-Driven Customer Journey model helps your consumer brand:

  • Understand what channels deliver results
  • Discover the sequence of your customers’ path to purchase
  • Learn to determine the right messaging for each channel
  • Reveal hidden opportunities to boost revenue and bottom-line results

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