LinkedIn for Businesses and Brands Webinar

LinkedIn WebinarLinkedIn used to be “the other social network”, the place which had a reputation as just a big bin of digital resumes. Suddenly, it’s a huge online marketing opportunity with over 238 million registered members. In this recorded webinar with Christopher S. Penn, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, you’ll learn how to leverage this opportunity in the 7 core areas of LinkedIn for businesses and brands.

Register now for free and learn how to build your brand, increase your leads and get ahead of competitors. Here are just a few things you’ll hear about:

  • Leads: Learn a secret for 1,819% growth at 73% less cost for lead acquisition
  • Content: Target readers effectively with job-based segmentation.
  • Strategy: Use LinkedIn for free competitive research.

Simply fill out the form below to get to the webinar. It’s available as a video, an audio MP3 for your smartphone or car, and a PDF download of the slides.

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